Clearview National October 2018 - Issue 203 - Page 70

HARDWAREEXTRA NEW TECHNOLOGY DELIVERS – WITH A HUMAN TOUCH » » SIMON MONKS, VBH (GB) Managing Director, looks at how the window and door industry can embrace new technology to improve customer service… Customer service is changing. Expectations have risen across the board: customers want fast delivery (and the definition of fast has dramatically changed over recent years), accuracy (what we ordered, when we want it) and extended hours so they can order at their leisure. A swift response to any queries, issues or complaints is also vital. New technology has changed the landscape for service and support. This looks set to continue with voice- recognition systems such as Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant. But we can’t (yet) do everything via technology – the most successful systems are those that also offer a human touch. For example, in the window industry, Siri is unlikely to know the differences between a surface-fix and a concealed hinge tilt and turn system. Fabricators and installers are looking for quality products, good choice, and reliable supply and delivery. On the occasions where things don’t go quite right, they want the assurance that customer service and support will resolve any issues. At VBH, we take the best elements of new technology and also offer the personal support our customers need. We’ve introduced several new initiatives to help them order and sell efficiently, and with confidence. Our VBH24 Webshop has recently been updated with a new Product Configurator, designed to help users generate complicated hardware specifications for products such as the afore-mentioned tilt-and-turn windows, bi-folding doors, the Invisifold system, stable doors, lift/slide and tilt/slide patio doors. It covers greenteQ, Maco, Roto, Siegenia, Yale and GU products across PVC-U, aluminium and timber fabrication. Specs are kept fully up to date by the Technical Team when manufacturers advise of a change, and for users, it’s as straightforward as answering a few questions to generate the required hardware. This can then be exported straight into a shopping basket, a real time-saver, and sent to VBH as an order. It only takes a few seconds to pull up a XYX][ۈ[ܙ\]  ˂][[X\[HXYۈ 8&]\]\\&H[H]\ [\Y\[Y]Z\YX]Y[\˜[\Y\\XH۝XۛY][Y\[]\]\K[X[]\H[ۜ˜[Y]\[X\ˈ[HH][YH]ۙY\]܋x&]HY[HY\]\[\XHH X [ܙX\[›[۝ [ۋ[[۝ݙ\[K[H[]Y\8$]H N H[ܙX\HH]Y\ M˂\\Y\[ܙ\]^H[ [^H[] ]ZXH[X\[K]\Y^HYY[ۈ[ܙH\^XYX][ۜ܈\[XZH\ۋ\[Z\BXX[[\Y\\X\X[\\B]Z[XHHۙH܈[XZ[ [ۙ^HY^Kو\K\XH[\ܝ\[&]\X]ܙ\[8$]8&\X]\[H\Y\[H[[Hۋ[\\وHX[H[]\K\Q]H܈]Y\ ܂^[\K\MˌH H[x&\HۙY[[H]X[]HوH\\HH\HBܙX]YH\][KX[X\[YH\B\ˈ\K\X\HX\[YHYX[[[\˜[۝^H]ۙY[HY[ۙ\˂[[ۈ[ۚ“8&PSS8&BHK\X\HX\[YH\[\]YK[B[]8&\Hۙ\ [\Z[]BX\[YH]Z[XK]ݙ\[H\\Bۈ[\Y[X[ܜ[[œ][ܜ][Y[ۙ\\]BXXHوZ[܈X\]K]8&\HܙX][[܈[[\8$]ٙ\[\X]K]ۙHX\[YH܈H[[HوZ]YX[XYو[]YX[X[YX\\X\[Y\˂[Y][ۈHܙY[TH[KK\X\Bݙ\KXXX\\[KYY[XH[X[HX]]H[Y[[YY[\T̍\ܘ[[YH]KX\\YY]ۈH\Y]Hوٚ[\˂K\X\H[[[[\XZ[Z[Y[\۝X]Y[ۙ\\Hۙ][ۂوHX\[YH\Y[\XZ[[[BوX8$Z[[[][ۜ\[[ܙX\[H[H\[ Y\x&\BXZZ[YH\\HZ[\Kx&[^H]\0 LHY[ۙ\\x&\œX[[ ܈YX[\]X]^YBX[YH\HوX[]8&\YH܂XX]ܜ[[[\Yۈ\ [[و\][H^H[Hܙ\\\O[^Hۈ M ̍B܈[XZ[[\؋H[\\Y\\X\X[H[H[X 0 N0PTHHHR