Clearview National October 2018 - Issue 203 - Page 66

HOMESECURITYMONTH The smart way to secure your home » » TODAY, THE ‘SMART, CONNECTED home’ is the exception. But, in a decade it will be the norm. The government has already announced its intention that every new home built will have to be equipped with a smart meter and electric car charging points. In addition to this, major house builders are already starting to look at fitting smart locks as standard and as this begins to happen fabricators and installers alike need to be up to speed on the latest developments, before it’s too late. One of the world leaders in smart wire free, wireless, cloud and mobile based access control solutions is SALTO Systems. Every day in over 90 countries, over 15 million people use SALTO contactless products to provide total control over who is able to access what, where and when. In this Home Security Month special, Clearview asked Jack Cowburn, SALTO’s UK Residential Solutions Manager, to give us his take on the rise of the smart tech sector, how companies such as his are adapting to the changing security landscape, what products are coming, and how we all need to stay informed to avoid being left behind in the ‘Smart Tech Revolution’. WHAT IS RESIDENTIAL SMART TECH? There’s a lot going on in today’s households: children coming in from school, dog walkers, housekeepers, babysitters. Even grocery store delivery services are now offering the option to enter your home to put groceries away. This has driven a need to not only secure your house but also give people access when needed. I think another drive stems from the rise of the smart phone; people now want everything to be accessed through their personal device. As well as accessing heating, CCTV and other smart home devices the security of your home can now sit alongside this. WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES? The smart home lock ties into all the smart home technology and allows the user to have one home solution including their access encompassed in their own smart phone. With a smart home lock there is no need to carry keys around which eliminates 66 » OCT 2018 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M the chances of lost or stolen keys. Remote keys will allow you to send access to other users from your mobile device without having to get extra keys cut; it will also allow you to cancel keys on the go if you need to restrict access. Audit trails will let you know who has entered the house and who has left the house. WHAT ARE THE MISCONCEPTIONS? I think the main misconception of smart technology is how secure it is. SALTO and Danalock use the highest level of encryption for this kind of data (AES256). Also, because it retains a euro cylinder this still complies with home insurance standards. I think the other main misconception is that smart technology is expensive. SALTO have proven this wrong with Danalock which offers an affordable smart home lock with the most up-to-date technology. ALSO AVAILABLE FROM SALTO Danalock has four main versions: Bluetooth, Zig-bee, z-Wave and Apple home kit. The Z-wave and Zig-bee models will allow for numerous integrations with the smart home platform including Alexa, z-wave enabled smart home devices and Zigbee devices. The apple home kit version allows for an integration direct with the apple home kit app and other smart apple devices, whilst the Bluetooth version is the simplistic stand-alone version. The UV2 Module enables you to control garage doors, doorstrikes, electromechanical or magnetic locks, gates, windows, shades, etc. Completely integrated on the Danalock platform, it enables operation of such locking devices with your Danalock V3. The Danalock key turner adapter will allow for an existing or new double clutch cylinder to be retained in the door. The key can then be cut to fit the adapter meaning the cylinder does not need to be changed when fitting Danalock. Danapad is an easy-to-install, wireless, smart access keypad that enables homeowners and businesses to manage secure access for delivery, contractors, cleaning and pet services, and those without a smartphone or access to the smart home system such as children, elderly residents, visitors or guests. Danabridge is a gateway to instant control of your Danalock from anywhere in the world. Perform remote openings or see the battery status of your Danalock in real time from anywhere.