Clearview National October 2018 - Issue 203 - Page 60

ALUMINIUM The future of flush » » WELL-RESPECTED TRADE and commercial fabricator Astraseal has created new, valuable opportunities for its customers nationwide with the launch of Alitherm 800, the brand-new aluminium flush casement from Smarts. Alitherm 800 is designed to provide installers with a highly- desirable and credible flush casement window that’s suited for period applications, contemporary new-build projects and everything in between. The smooth flush aesthetics and slimline transom mullion profile combine with high-security locking options and friction hinges to create a versatile yet high-performance aluminium flush casement. “We are delighted to strengthen both our extensive aluminium range and our longstanding partnership with Smarts by offering the new Alitherm 800 flush casement,” comments Colin Stanley, Operations Director at Astraseal. “Not only does Alitherm 800 present new opportunities for our customers - capitalising on the huge demand for flush casements, it’s actually far more cost-effective compared to its PVC-u counterparts. “Of course, it has meant some investment on our part to introduce the range – namely a New window system ‘completes collection’ » » FEATURING SUPER-SLIM sightlines and incredible energy efficiency, aïr 80HI has been added to the most impressive range of bi-fold doors, lift & slide doors, and entrance doors to offer a full suite of premium aluminium glazing for the domestic market. ‘customers gave us great feedback’ aïr Brand Ambassador, Jay Aѕ)ͅ胊q́ˊéɕͥٔɅ)́́ɽݸͼ́)ȁȁݥ܁ѕ+qQӊéݡݔٔ)ٕ!$)Ё)̰!$х́и%ӊe)ե䁑ɕЁѼѡ)ѕ́ѡɭЁ)ѡ䁡ձѥ)͕͠Ёյմ)ݥ́ѡɭа)ѡɕɥ)ѥمѥѡѥ́ѡЁȁ)ݸȸ+qQݥ܁݅́չ)ЁȁٕɝQɅ) ѽȁ ɕ)ձ)ѽ́ٔ́ɕ)Qݕɔѥձɱ)ɕ͕ݥѠ܁ͱѡ)Ʌ݅́ɕѼѡ)͠ݥ܁ѕ̻t)Ȁ!$́TYՕ)ɽЀĸ\,)مݥѠѡȁՉ)ɥ饹%Ё́݅ѕѥ)Ѽݥɕͥх)ѼQݥ܁)ݥѠ͕ɥɕٕ͔)́ALЁѥ)́хɐ( = P 0IY$\U, <4)܁Ѽ)ݥѠՙɔЁݥѠѡ)ɕѠѡɅݔѥє)ɽɕѥɽѽ)́ݕ́յ̸́)%ӊéЁȁѵЁѼ)ѡєɅȁȁ)ѽ̰ɽ٥ѥ)ɽՍ́ݡɅѕ䁵э)ѡ́ѡɭлt)MեѕѼѠɕͥѥ)ɍѥ̰ѡɴ(х́مхMӊe)ɽٕѡɵɕѕ)ѼٕȁɕͥٔTYՕ́)]܁ɝIѥad)Q܁͕͠Ё́م)I0ȁٕ)ͥ͡Mӊé ݽ)Mͅѥ́Ʌ̸)ѡɴ́Ʌ͕e)ձɅḾ饹)ɽՍ́ݡՑݥ̰)̰ͱٕ́)х݅5Ёɕѱ䰁ѡ)]ɽ՝ɥѽȁ)ѡͥȁȁɅMӊe)ɕմɅյմ)Ʌ̸ͥ)MЁյմɅ͕)ͼՙɔձɅ)AY ԁ饹ɽՍ́ɽ)ѕ͕́́Ց)ɽI!TM͕)]Ѡѡ)љ́ѡ)Ʌ͕́եЁɽ)ɕхѥȁՅ)յմAY ԁɽՍ)Ցݥ̰́)͕مѽɥ̸ȁٕȀ啅̰)Ʌѥɽ]ɽ՝)9ѡѽ͡ɔɅ͕e)ѡ́́Ѽȁፕѥ)ɽՍ́ݥѠѽȁ͕٥)ѡЁ́ٔ役)ܹɅ͕լ