Clearview National October 2018 - Issue 203 - Page 52

PROUD SPONSOR OF DOORS & WINDOWS DOORS&WINDOWS STUNNING NEW FLUSH DOOR COLLECTION UNVEILED Duraflex has continued its programme of investment by unveiling the next coveted products to expand the highly sought-after flush suite. Following the launch of the flush window, the Duraflex team is proud to introduce the impressive Flush Door collection… » » CHARACTERISED BY THE SAME sleek, slim-line frames that have proved so popular within the window portfolio, this new Flush Door offering – encompassing residential and French door styles – ticks all the boxes for fabricators, installers and homeowners alike. “We identified the need for a high-end flush door to complement our hugely popular flush window; expanding the portfolio and enabling Duraflex fabricators to take advantage of this growing market,” explained Head of Marketing, Kay McGrady. “We’ve had a remarkable response to our flush window, thanks to its stylish aesthetics, exceptional performance and its versatility, and this new door collection further strengthens our proposition.” 52 » OCT 2018 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M Developed alongside leading hardware manufacturer ERA, the Duraflex Flush Door Collection has been thoughtfully designed without any compromises, delivering both ease of fabrication and fitting, not to mention significant kerb-appeal and performance. “Both profile and hardware will be available in ‘kit form’, directly from Duraflex, giving our customers the simplicity of a single-source supplier,” added Duraflex’s Managing Director, Dean Cossey. “By using the same locking system as our bi-fold, the double door achieves Secured by Design, PAS 24 enhanced security and Part Q compliance as standard, justifying its position as a truly high-end retail offering for the discerning homeowner.” In addition to its security credentials, the Flush Door Collection boasts a multitude of advanced technical features, including a range of threshold options, excellent thermal performance and thanks to its fully integrated design, both the Flush Residential and French Doors suite seamlessly with the system house’s iconic Diamond Suite, giving Duraflex fabricators huge flexibility and choice. Meticulously designed to offer an extensive range of customisation options, this new premium door range can rival its aluminium and timber counterparts by delivering stunning aesthetics and high performance at a much more favourable cost. Whether traditionally styled with period hardware and a timber effect foil to compliment heritage properties, or finished in one of the contemporary, solid colour ѥ́)܁եɍѕɅ)ɽѥ̰ѡ͠ȁ ѥ)ɕ́ѡЁٕ屔́ѕɕȸ)مݥѠѡȁձ)ȁѡձѥєɅѥ͠ȁЁ)ѡձݕѕɹѥٔɅ饹)ѥ̰ѕͥٔ͡)եͥєɝ ȁѥ)ѡѥ̰ɔѡЁɅe)͠ ѥ́ѽéյ́ѡ)ٕͅѥѡ䁑)Q́ѕЁѥѼѡMեє)́啅ȁȁѡѕ͔́)ݥѠѡչѡɕѥ͠)ݥܰѕյմȰ)مѥٔձɕٕͥݥ܁)܁ɝ ȁɅ9ЁѼѥ)ձɽչѡЁɥɽ́ѕѥѡ)ѡ䁡́ѼȰɽ٥ѡЁЁѡ)ЁѡMեє́ե)ѵЁѼəɵѥս)ɽٕЁѡЁ́չՅ䁵䁥ѡ))9Ёݥ͡ѼɕЁѡȁɕ̰ѡ)مѥȁѡЀȁѡ)́Յ䁅́፥ѥݥѠѡѡ)չѡ܁ݥܰMɕ)ͥAѥȁ-́ѡ՝)ѥѕqtхݥܸ+q!ɔЁɅఁݔɔѥՅ)͕Ёչѥ́Ѽ)ȁɅɥѡЁȁɽՍ)ѥՔѼٕȁɽ́ɭЁ͕ѽ̸)]ѠѕɽՍЁٕ)ɽɅ፥ѥݡ)ݥ͕ѡչȁ܃a) ѥdݡɽ͕́Ѽɕ)Ȱӊé፥ѥѥЁɅೊt)Ց-5Ʌ)Q͠ȁ ѥݥم)ɽ9ٕȀаȁɔɵѥ)٥ͥЁܹɅํլȁѼɕՕЁ)ɭѥЀ