Clearview National October 2018 - Issue 203 - Page 4

PROUD SPONSOR OF INDUSTRY NEWS FROMTHEEDITOR Top Down or Bottom Up? Whether we’re trade only, exclusively retail, or a bit of both – why is it always important to consider the end user? » » BEFORE I SAT DOWN TO WRITE THIS month’s editor’s letter, I was so certain that the subject matter would be National Home Security Week. This October issue, every section from hardware to machinery, industry news to, well, the home security special feature, seemed to mention NHSW, and rightly so, for it’s a topic that has always been, and will always be, so important. But, as I looked through the magazine’s most recent articles and contributions, there was a sub-section – still relating to NHSW – that just seemed to grab my attention. And for once, it wasn’t the product; how it’s fabricated or fitted, it wasn’t where we source our raw materials, or the how we sell to installers, it was the very last link in the supply chain; yet arguably the most important. The Homeowner. Now, whether you are reading this as someone who only deals with trade or whether you sell to the consumer direct or both, (and of course there are commercial, educational, local authority projects, etc.), the fact remains that without a homeowner, and their instinct to protect their home, plus everyone and everything in it, National Home Security Week would never exist. Yet, I sometimes forget, with Clearview being very much an ‘industry’ magazine, that there is an end-user and instead just think of fenestration as a network of systems suppliers, manufacturers, machinery specialists then the fitters and installers. It made me wonder, does anyone else do the same thing? Several articles this month – especially relating to NHSW – have flipped the switch to consider things from the homeowner’s point of view before working backwards, instead of coming up with a security solution then making a problem to attach it to. Of course, I’m not saying that’s what designers usually do, but speaking as a homeowner, not an editor for a moment, do you ever look at a product or service and think ‘why on earth would I need this?’ (and that’s not just in fenestration by the way). In conclusion, for October, and every other month, I’m think we could all benefit from thinking not just about the end-user, but as the end-user, and see if it makes a difference. And, I’ll start thinking as a reader more often too, and see if I can make these intro letters a bit more interesting… Gemma, Editor 4 » OCT 2018 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M LETTER TO THE EDITOR Homeowners want to be protected, full stop We hear a lot about crime in the media, and it’s that awareness of crime that drives perceptions and magnifies our fear. » » HOMEOWNERS FEEL vulnerable when they hear that some police forces have stopped investigating burglaries because they say they don’t have the time or budget to investigate them, and the chances of bringing someone to book are very low. Homeowners also puzzle over conflicting reports about crime. Depending on the source of statistics, the type of crime, how it’s recorded, and who is recording it, crime ma