Clearview National October 2018 - Issue 203 - Page 32

PROUD SPONSOR OF ROOFLIGHTS & LANTERNS ROOFLIGHTS& LANTERNS INSTALLATION WINNERS RAISE THE ROOF » » DESIGNED TO recognise outstanding design and installation skills as well as inspire installers around the country, the Atlas Installation of the Year Awards is always hotly- anticipated. And, according to Gareth Thomas, sales director at Atlas Glazed Roof Solutions, the standard this time round has been higher than ever. “It’s been a truly amazing year, with an astonishing range of installations setting ever-higher standards,” he said. “The quality of these installations is just incredible and it’s so gratifying to see our installer partners really making the most of the Atlas range of products.” Taking the top spot was Village Conservatories with a stunning L-shaped orangery. Bringing together aluminium, reclaimed brick, glass and two large Atlas Village Conservatories Vale Orangeries lanterns, the design impressed the judges with its clever use of space around the home, great finishing touches and the quality of installation given the challenges it created. The finished orangery shows off the roof to its best, with a sleek minimal appearance reflecting Atlas’s ‘More Sky, Less Roof ’ approach. Second place went to March 2017 winner Vale Orangeries from South Wales. The judges loved the way the design for a light and airy ultra-modern extension used a full range of glazing products, including the Atlas Keymer Double Glazing Flat Rooflight, and cleverly made the most of the space. In third place was Vision Conservatories, who won in May. The design for a home in a Wiltshire village successfully bridged the addition of a contemporary extension to a traditional house, using a bold pyramid lantern to create a striking look. The judges were particularly impressed by the seamless combination of old and new, the use of an otherwise redundant space in the garden and the choice of lantern for maximum light. This year’s winner of the special Innovation Award was Keymer Vision Conservatories Double Glazing from West Sussex; for a one-off extension on a grand, multi-level property combined the clever use of space with a large Atlas lantern to create as much light as possible in an underground extension, which the judges loved. Congratulations to all this year’s winners and, with the monthly competition between Atlas installers as hotly-contested as ever, the team at Atlas is looking forward to honouring even more amazing designs in 2018. Extended range puts installers top of the game » » WELL-RESPECTED Northamptonshire’s T&K Home Improvements has become the latest high-profile installation firm to offer the revolutionary tiled roof systems from Preston- based manufacturers SupaLite. The move comes as T&K looks to strengthen its offering and affirm its position as the region’s long-standing home improvement specialists. It allows the 40-year veterans, who are part of the Emplas Group, to offer customers replacement tiled roof options for both conservatories and orangeries. 32 » OCT 2018 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M “At T&K, we’ve been supporting homeowners across the region for 40-years. The secret to our longevity is continually growing our range to ensure we offer everything customers need. We are therefore absolutely delighted to partner with SupaLite and extend our range with their fantastic roof systems,” comments Neal Harper, General Manager at T&K. “Not only is their solution lightweight and incredibly easy to install, it presents a clear and attractive solution to consumers who are tired of conservatories that are either too hot or too cold. It’s a great proposition for us and is a great product to work with – especially as it’s a recognised brand among consumers. Even in this early stage, Ё́ɽٕٕձȁ)ݔ݅ɐѼѡȁՍ́ݽɭ)ݥѠM1єt)ͥȁѠɕɼЁܵե)ɭ̰M1єɽ́ٔх)хϊdɥ́ɽ́ѡչ)ɽ٥ɅݥѠɕͽ)ѥɽѕمɅ展)Ʌѥ̰M1є́ɕѕ))!$ȁ եIձѥ́ɽم)ٕɥչɥمѡɵѼ)ɕє͕啅ȵɽչ)Mѕٔ!=Ʌѥ́ɕѽ)ЁM1є胊q]eɔɕ͕Ѽ)ѹȁݥѠѡɕЁѕЁP,!)%ɽٕ͕́ѡM1єɅ)ɕ䁽ѡչéЁɕݹ)х̻t+a%ӊéɕЁɽͥѥ)ȁ́́ɕ)ɽՍЁѼݽɬݥѣd)%Ёѕȁ܁啅̰M1є)ɽݸٕͥݥѠɥѥх)ѹ́ѥݥqM1є)ե䁉ɽٕ݅ѼЁ)ɕ܁ѽ́Ё܁Ѽѥٕ)ɽ܁̸ͥ%ӊéɕЁѼ͕P,́)ѡɽչչݔݥ͠ѡٕ)Ս́ѡɔt)ܹѕɽլܹѭ