Clearview National October 2018 - Issue 203 - Page 30

ROOFLIGHTS& LANTERNS PROUD SPONSOR OF ROOFLIGHTS & LANTERNS The Sky’s Your Limit: Single Storey Extensions » » THE SPECIFICATION OF FLAT roofs as part of single storey renovation projects continues to increase in popularity with homeowners as it offers one of the most cost-effective and contemporary building methods available. Here Vanessa Howard, Chief Marketing Officer at Roof Maker, explores the latest flat rooflights you should be installing as part of customer’s extensions this autumn to really stand out from your competitors. The Office of National Statistics found UK homeowners spend almost £30 billion a year on home improvements, equating to an impressive £43 million a week. With the ‘improve, don’t move’ mantra being adopted by homeowners as house prices continue to rise, you have the ideal opportunity to capitalise on single-storey extensions by recommending and installing unique products that really stand out from the crowd. As you all will know, the current trend for single storey extensions with flat roofs that feature rooflights and bi-fold doors shows no sign of slowing down as homeowners look to extend their kitchen or dining areas for essential extra space, whilst also maximising the natural light available. Whilst there’s a range of traditional timber framed flat rooflights readily available, today’s homeowners are increasingly looking for more bespoke and contemporary finishes that can really add value to their property. You can directly target this trend by replacing run of the mill timber rooflights with innovative aluminium solutions that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also offer outstanding thermal performance. THE MAGIC OF MODULAR The new trend for ground floor extensions that feature ‘glass ceilings’ is one that you can easily target through the installation of modular rooflights. Traditionally, the bulky frames of flat rooflights meant a substantial amount of potential light was lost due to the space being consumed by the frame. However, new modular systems have been specifically designed to provide a simple yet effective way of maximising on the amount of natural light that can enter the room. 30 » OCT 2018 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M By joining the flat rooflights together, you can quickly and easily create an impressive vista of light that floods the entire extension. As each panel is added to the line through the construction of a minimal steel support, the structure is strengthened without comprising on the flow of light, due to the streamlined aluminum frames. Modular systems can be a popular choice for renovation projects restricted by tight building regulations, as it offers the ability to create a system that is up to 10 metres long and two metres wide. This creates an illusion that the space is actually larger than it is due to the substantial amount of light entering the room. As ease and speed of installation is also key, you should consider manufacturers that have designed their products with the installer in mind, such as Roof Maker’s offering of ready-made insulated upstands that are tailored to the specific pitch of the roof, whilst also complying with relevant building regulations. This can significantly shorten the installation time and preparation work required, as the rooflights are also available as flat pack or ‘built in house’ options, which is particularly useful for hard to access extensions. BRINGING THE OUTDOORS IN Whilst some renovation projects may be governed by certain planning permissions and building regulations that mean they can only be one storey high, the specification of a flat roof and the addition of an opening flat rooflight can create a secondary living space. Becoming a popular addition for many renovation projects in urban city centres where valuable living space is limited, the specification of wide opening or access rooflights offers customers the opportunity to create an outdoor room on top of their roof, which they previously may not have considered. Opening at a 90° angle to provide an access hatch, the rooflights are the ideal choice for individuals looking to maximise the ventilation of their property, whilst offering the ability to create a green roof for those who do not have the exterior space for a large garden. These latest products are currently revolutionising the rooflight market, transforming both homeowners and their professionals expectations of the amount of natural light that can enter a property. By installing new materials, such as circular flat rooflights and Sli [[HH[\[H[YX[[[X[[YH[\\Y\šY\[[ٙ\[H\XH]X[B[]H[\\]]ܜ˂ٛXZ\˘˝Z