Clearview National October 2018 - Issue 203 - Page 26

PROUD SPONSOR OF INDUSTRY NEWS INDUSTRYNEWS GOING DUTCH: SPACER SOARS IN ECO-FRIENDLY MAERSK TOWER » » SUPER SPACER TRISEAL has formed a crucial part of one of Europe’s most eco-friendly buildings. The Maersk Tower, home to the medical laboratories of the University of Copenhagen, was built in line with Denmark’s historic commitment to becoming 100% carbon neutral by 2050. It became an instant landmark when it was completed last year thanks to its striking copper shell, the work of superstar architects C. F. Møller and Vienna engineering experts Waagner-Biro. The futuristic structure incorporates resource-saving measures that include automatic LED lighting, a state-of-the-art eco-friendly cooling system, and rainwater collection for toilet flushing and garden irrigation. Three-thousand vertical copper-clad fins act as both solar shading and wind protection for the building’s 15 storeys of cylindrically curved triple-glazed facades – where Edgetech’s Super Spacer TriSeal plays a critical role in delivering the building’s exceptional thermal efficiency. The structure has won the Scandinavian Green Roof Prize 2017, the Copenhagen City Architecture Award 2018, the World Architecture Festival Award 2017 in the Higher Education and Research category, and the European Copper in Architecture Award 2017. Spectus goes up a gear » » AS PART OF ITSPOLICY for continuous product improvement, Spectus, an Epwin Window Systems brand, has introduced the Siegenia Titan AF Tilt and Turn gearing. This gearing is suitable for use on both their Elite 70 Tilt and Turn and Flush Tilt and Turn product ranges. Carmen Velilla, Brand Manager for Spectus, said: “The introduction of the new Siegenia Titan AF gearing is a robust and reliable product which will offer benefits for our customers.” The new gearing is now available from stock in four variants, Face Fixed-Standard, Face Fixed-PAS 24 Security, Concealed-Standard and Concealed PAS 24 Security. The gearing offers a reduction in stockholding for Spectus’ fabricators as many components are standard across the range so reducing the parts needed to be held in stock. Furthermore, all PAS 24 extensions are jointed with a clip coupler which eliminates additional cropping and therefore reduces overall assembly time too. For installers, benefits include an integral cam height adjustment which features ‘comfort’ cams on all locking points which automatically compensates for clearance tolerances and therefore reduces site problems. B KQԈTTHU°0TQV8&TTHSSRSUSB[HKY܈\[\[XZ]B[\^][Y[[Y[[ݙ[X\]H][وYX]Y\\H8&]&KݚY[]XX]ܜ]H^X[]HقX[YX\[[[\KYܜ]]HYY܈^\]HZ[[\™[X[[H\][\HۈH[X[][\[Z][HX\] KYܜ]HY[Y]X[\B\YۙY ٙ\[^\[ۘ[]X[]H[Bو[ݘ]]HX]\\ˈ\YۙYBXX]܈[[[\8&Y[x&KB[[Z[][H[H܈[ۜ][\BH[YH\\H[\H[H[Yܘ]Y0 N0PTHHHR BZ]HX[[\H]HX[[ۙZ]KX]\[[HY[\X\] [XY[X]\\ܛX[K][\H\[ۜK[ۈ\][X\YH\YۂH\[\ H]8&\X\HYHH\H™܈\[\]HݙYXH]]XX]ܜ[[\[Y[ۙ\[ZKH]\\H]]Z[XH[]KX[ܙ^K]HY[\YۙY[Xܘ][ۈ]XY[\\BX[YX\\TH[\HYHH][Y[ݙ[X\\YY\XHH\Y^ۈ\]]]HXY[Y\^H[ٙ\XX]ܜܙX]\^X[]H[H[Y]قH[K\\H\HZ[˙\Y^ ˝Z