Clearview National October 2018 - Issue 203 - Page 23

PROUD SPONSOR OF INDUSTRY NEWS INDUSTRYNEWS Manufacturer opens training facility for young adults » » SHELFORCE, A LEADING manufacturer and installer of PVC-u windows and doors that employs people with a range of disabilities, is set to open a dedicated training facility to provide regular work experience placements and invest in the future. Once the facility is complete, the firm will welcome students from nearby schools, including special needs schools, to its Erdington factory for a valuable introduction to the world of work, and an insight into life at a proudly inclusive local employer. The training facility will be refurbished by Keepmoat, one of Shelforce’s construction partners. The Birmingham-based Shelforce provides high-quality products to local authority building projects around the country, including for Birmingham City Council, and Howard Trotter, Shelforce Business Manager, commented: “By offering regular work experience placements, we want to help young adults of all abilities take their first steps into the workplac R( 2B6FVR&VBVv7b7W'Fr&&֖v( 2VFF@7FV2&6F3( ĆfrFVw&FVB&6FVVB&WV&W2V6fVF&V7'VFVB&6W72BG2&7F6&6FG&rFB&WƖ6FW2FRf7F'f"W&F2( 2'WBb^( &RvƖrFPFBFfW7FVB^( &R&Wv&FVBvFFR7B76FRBFVF6FVBv&W'0R6VB6f"( WfW'RW&R2VvVǒW6FVBFvV6PFRVrGVG2FFRf7F'F6rFVЧFRfF7F2VƗGv&vRFW&R( ФRb6Vf&6^( 2vW7B6W'fr7Ff`V&W'2G&Wf"WGFfW"2vR&6F6VvRBFRvRbcBF6WFRG&p6W'Ff6FR6FR66ffW"7GVFVG0FR&W7B76&RWW&V6RfVFVB&&&R32'B`FR&66f"FR&ƖB6Vf&6R0WW&6V7Wǒ'FW"FB&fFW2vЧVƗG&GV7G2F6WF&G'VFp&V7G2&VBFR6VG'wwr6Vf&6R6Ф2R%bRrR2 +2B# +#0