Clearview National October 2018 - Issue 203 - Page 17

DIRECTOROFTH EMONTH The I.T. Crowd Hallmark Panel Ltd’s Scott Chapman speaks to Clearview about how his IT based systems are helping the company’s rapid expansion. He talks about his love of coffee, rugby and how Hallmark Now is just the start of a much bigger project. Name/job title: Scott Chapman, IT & Operations Director at Hallmark Panels Ltd. When did you join (or start) the company? April 2017. Describe your working day (from the time you leave the house, etc.) I arrive at work at 6.20am every day, and start with a coffee. In fact, I love it so much that I have my own coffee machine in my office. I check for any system issues and then check for any anomalies reported back from suppliers regarding the automated purchases; these streamline the productivity of ordering and the factory based manufacturing. One of my major roles is creating real time business intelligence and refining the production operations using software like Visual Studio and Microsoft SQL server. This enables the management team to make decisions based on real time financial data and allows other automated operations i.e. purchasing material. Behind the scenes of the business intelligence there is a fully restructured financial system which is fundamental to the operations of an extremely active business. Product codes and bills of material are the backbone for IT systems and help streamline order processing, transport, manufacturing, customer service, and most importantly finance. What is your workspace like? (tidy/organised etc.) Because I am working with such large quantities of important data I require a multi-screen set up so that I can see the whole picture. This workflow enables me effectively manage my workloads and make decisions quickly. First thing you do when you get to your desk? I start by checking daily production and the supplies/ material needed for future production. I also spend significant time working on the logistics, planning, preparation, beta testing for next stages of the Hallmark Now project. What websites help you? It might sound a bit strange for an IT Director, but I don’t really have a favourite website, however it is software that I use on a daily basis which are fundamental to my work. Most useful business tool? (Sat nav/apps etc.) We manufacture thousands of different products. All of which start from a quotation or an order and there are millions of different combinations of products we offer. The whole production line from marketing to ordering, and manufacturing to transport, and finance to accounts has to be a well-managed working operation. Staff and customers can source information if required at any part of the process line. That is where databases, servers and reporting services such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft SQL server and SQL Reporting services come into their own. We have an elegant and contemporary website and door designer along with marketing campaigns that show off our range. However, this front facing content is all pointless if there isn’t a robust system and infrastructure in place to manage the ever-growing customer base and increasing orders. So, in essence, my role is the ‘nuts and bolts’ behind the scenes work, building that entire system from the ground up. Having this volume of data enables me to make key financial and productivity efficiencies for the business, these efficiencies allow us to continue our growth plan and reinvest in product and system innovations. Best business decision in your current role? Developing and implementing the Hallmark Now project has been the highlight so far. Currently, you are able to design composite doors, receive instant prices, save quotes and place orders 24/7. Phase 2 has also just been completed with implementation of instant online payments. There is also a homeowner version, which has enabled us to enhance our reputation and visibility with homeowners across the country. With homeowners now asking the trade for Hallmark doors rather than the decision purely being the trade customers personal preference. The door designers enables end users to source Hallmark and make a more informed decision. This is just the tip of the iceberg though, as we intend to continue adding bolt-ons, such as more ordering options, account management, product lines, promotions, order tracking, and a few more exciting ideas we would like to keep up our sleeves for now. Favourite role models and why? For me, it has to be the Rugby Union referee Nigel Owens; a man who has to make critical instant decisions in a busy environment, which have a massive impact on the overall outcome. He doesn’t shy away or back down in the face of difficult decisions and lives by his choices. How do you unwind? As you may have gathered I have love rugby, I get to Twickenham when I can and am a season ticket holder for Hull FC. Currently reading Man on Fire by AJ Quinell. C L E A RV I E W-U K . C O M » O C T 2018 » 17