Clearview National October 2018 - Issue 203 - Page 10

PROUD SPONSOR OF INDUSTRY NEWS INDUSTRYNEWS HIGH FIVE: AWARD WINNERS SPONSOR G18 » » EPWIN WINDOW SYSTEMS HAS just announced it will be a headline sponsor for the G18 Awards for the fifth year in a row. Gerald Allen Marketing Manager of Epwin Window Systems, said: “It is important to celebrate the best in our industry and that is exactly what the G Awards do.” The G Awards are now firmly established as the industry’s premier event for the glass and glazing industry, and this year’s G18 Awards Presentation & Gala Dinner takes place on Friday 30 November at the London Hilton on Park Lane Hotel. As well as being a headline sponsor of the awards in previous years, Epwin Window ‘it is important to celebrate the best in our industry’ Systems has also enjoyed success. In 2017, its fabrication team won Training & Development Initiative of the Year for helping 253 members of its team across four of its key businesses successfully achieve NVQ Level II qualifications through its comprehensive training scheme. In 2016, Profile 22 won New Product of the Year for its cutting-edge Optima system. A WELCOMING NEW PARTNERSHIP South Yorkshire trade windows and doors supplier JWC Windows has just announced it has become a Profile 22 fabricator. » » JIM CHURCHILL, MANAGING Director at JWC Windows said the decision to add the brand to its portfolio was simple: “Customers were asking for Optima from Profile 22, and we had turned away work in the past because we hadn’t been able to offer the products. As a result, the decision to start working with Profile 22 was simple and we are delighted to have made the move.” JWC Windows will be fabricating the Optima chamfered and sculptured windows, patio doors and the Flush Casement Window. The products will be marketed as The Welcome Range by JWC Windows. They will join the comprehensive range of products that JWC Windows offers and enable the business to add further value to its customers. JWC Windows currently manufactures window and door products for the commercial and trade sectors from its 15,000 square foot factory in Rotherham. Alongside its PVC-U production facilities it also has an in-house glass shop where it manufactures units including Planitherm Total+ units with warm edge spacer and argon gas. Celebrating 30 years with investment in technology » » HALO FABRICATOR MASTERFRAME is celebrating 30 years in business with a significant investment in new welding technology. Like VEKA Group, Masterframe is proud to be a well-known name in the fenestration sector, with decades of industry history and a clear vision for the future of the company. The Essex-based firm specialises only in PVC-U windows in authentic sash [\[ۈH M][ۘ[[\][ۈ]\܂Z[8&[X\[\]]H[\[x&BوHYX\\[Y]X[]HX\\[YKBL0 N0PTHHHR B\H[ٚ[HXH[[\\[\˂ NY\X\\[YH[X]H YX\š[\[\[[[[ݘ]]H[[œ][ۈHX\] X\\[YH\X]\Hو[ܝ\B[[ۈ[[[ܚY[[[X\\[\[H[YۜX[ۋH\[H][Y\X\]YH[ K\H][\H\X[]\[ܚ^۝[ ٙ\[[\]]H[X\[]X[\]][X[H][\XH[\ܛX[K\YK[\ \][ۜ\X܂^Z[Έ8'\Y]وۜX[ۈ]\H\X8&&H[H[\[]Bٚ[\\H\XHX[Y][[X\˸'B˝Z]Z˘