Clearview National October 2017 - Issue 191 - Page 98

HOMESECURITYMONTH HOT TOPIC FOR HARDWARE » » CARL F GROUPCO RECOGNISES that regulations are an important element of any report on Home Security. As a long- standing distributor of window and door hardware, services and solutions, the company understands the importance of providing a comprehensive service: this includes a thorough understanding of relevant standards and a willingness to share this information. Currently Document Q, which stipulates a requirement for adequate prevention of unauthorised access and safe means of escape for new buildings, is ensuring that security standards remain a hot topic for hardware. This encompasses Technical Specification (TS) standards including TS 008. This rates letterplates or flaps that cover door apertures and any associated boxes, walls or panels inside the door. Supporting this standard, one of the latest products to be added to Carl F Groupco’s portfolio of over 7,000 lines is the Trojan Unicorn TS 008 letterplate. With a simple yet elegant design, the patented TS 008 letterplate is suitable for composite and PVCu doorsets that need to be Document Q or PAS24:2016 compliant. Produced in a style that will complement any door design, the letterplate is available in a wide range of external finishes to suite with the Trojan door furniture range. The internal letterplate can be colour coded to match door colours. BEST PRACTICE: With regards to home security, PAS 24 and Secured by Design are fundamental and Carl F Groupco supplies one of the largest selections of hardware to the UK market that complies with these accreditations. Best practice advice is to meet the PAS 24 rating when installing a replacement door or window requiring enhanced security hardware. Secured by Design accreditation is also important and Carl F Groupco is a long- standing supporter of this initiative:the latest product in the company’s portfolio to be the proud bearer of the Secured by Design logo is the FUHR 881 electromechanical multipoint door lock. The comprehensively trained technical team at Carl F Groupco understands the challenges of meeting the latest home security standards: the company’s advisory service is available to anyone working in the hardware supply chain. The importance of choosing the right door manufacturer Paul Spencer, Group Sales Director » » HALLMARK HAS BEEN manufacturing composite doors for over twenty years. After the emergence of the 44-door slab in 2007, has seen a great many more companies enter the fold. But how can you be sure what you are buying. BM Trada, BSI, Cen Solutions three of several companies within the glazing industry whom offer certification schemes to door and window manufactures, these vary from a basic level to a full-scale level of manufacturing 98 » OCT 2017 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M certification, levels of manufacturing which are audited every 12 months. For a door to be supplied accredited to either Document Q or with a Police Secured By Design licence, the manufacturer would need to be able to prove full compliancy to Pas 24 for security and BS6375 for a full weather rating, tested every twelve months independently and not cascaded test evidence. Hallmark chose to work with Cen Solutions and we are a fully accredited Gold Member licence number CMS 3054DG. Our entire door range including our Fire Door range our fully tested to Pas 24- 2016 security including the cut through test, and BS6375 wind and water weather tested. All the components used on a Hallmark door have a CE marking down to the steel which we reinforce our outer frames with. All door furniture supplied on a Hallmark door is TS007 approved and CE stamped, we are one of the first door manufacturers to offer a fully TS008 compliant letter plate. On the 1st of March 2017 all UKAS test centres officially began security testing doors to Pas 24 -2016. Manufacturers currently offering Pas 24 – 2012 will have until the end of February 2018 to update their test data to 2016 to remain compliant. What should you be looking for when choosing your door supplier? • Pas 24 from March 2018 – Pas 24 - 2016 (this will be the minimum-security requirement for Doc Q) • BS 6375 (replaced Pas 23 in 2009) Minimum requirement for Doc Q • All furniture on doors to comply with TS007 (CE stamped) • Letter plate to be TS008 (requirement for Pas 24 – 2016) • Doors need to achieve a U- value of 1.8 or better in the UK, and 1.6 or better in Scotland