Clearview National October 2017 - Issue 191 - Page 96

HOMESECURITYMONTH YALE DOOR AND WINDOW SOLUTIONS LOCKS IN SUPPORT FOR NATIONAL HOME SECURITY MONTH Yale is proud to be headline sponsor of National Home Security Month (NHSM) for its fifth year this October. Highlighting the importance of home security, NHSM is driving demand for security products and installation services nationwide. » » IN THE UK, A QUARTER OF homeowners admit to having no home security measures in place with most turning to security reactively when something goes wrong, rather than preventing the issue beforehand. NHSM is trying to change this attitude, by pushing home security to the forefront of people’s minds at a time when statistics show domestic burglaries increase. This presents a lucrative opportunity to installers and fabricators alike to raise awareness of the subject and engage with customers. Paul Atkinson, Sales and Commercial Director for Yale, commented: “NHSM has always been a great campaign for us to get involved with as its key objectives are closely aligned with the values and messaging we at Yale promote. It also takes place during October, coinciding with the clocks going back - a pivotal point for security sales and when consumers awareness of home security peaks. “The new ‘Child’s Play’ theme is ideal for homeowners by showcasing the simplicity of home security. What’s more, the weekly themes provide us with an ideal opportunity to promote our range of products and services from the smart security focus of our Smart Living offering to the traditional hardware that Yale is synonymous for.” Week two is of particular significance for door and window fabricators and installers, as it looks at securing the entry points of a home and valuables within it. This provides an ideal opportunity to up-sell British Standard locking solutions, such as the Yale Conexis, Pla FV2B7F"7ƖFW"BFVУ"7F"7ƖFW"V2vV2FRW7Vv6V7W&G6rV662f"F'2@vFw2BF6V7W&RFB7W7FW'0&R&Fr6WF2FBVWBFR7@WFFFR7FF&G2vN( 2&RV&W"bVvW'0&RWBfbDR6V7W&G6WF2GVPFFR67G&G2B&VrVf֖Ɩ vFWr&GV7G2F2&W6VG2FV'GVGf"f'&6F'2B7FW'20b +5B#r +4T%dRrT2УCRb67VW'2w&VRFBFW( B&VfW FW6R&fW76F7FR6V7W&G6WF226VBFG'rFV"BBD"आvWfW"'GVFW2&RBƖ֗FVBFvVVGv&RB&RG&FR&fW760&RfW7Fr6'B6V7W&GFWf6W27V626'BF"62B6'BR&0FB6&R6G&VBB6fwW&VBBFPFV6b'WGF2&W7VBvVVF&VR`FR6v&W6VG2R'GVGF&FRFR6'BƗfr&vRb&GV7G2&fFr7FW'2vFw&VB'GVGF6FƗ6Rw&vr&WG6RvVVfW"66FW2vFFR662vp&6B6WBbFRF&W"WfVw22&W7VBF2vVVW&W2rVvW'06&FV7BFV"&W'FW2B6V7W&PFV"v&FV2BWF'VFw2FRfvVVbFR6v26V6f7W26VFW&rvVVB&f&RvB( 07FF7F6ǒFRv'7BFRbV"f"FW7F0'W&v&W2BFvRF22'GVGF&FRE36ƖBWGFW'FP&W7G&7F"F&WfVBWf6rB6VFf'&6F'2F7G&'WF'2B7FW'2v&RffW&VB7W'BF&fFR67VW'0vFFWF2rFV7W&RFV"F"@vFr6V7W&GVWG2&WV&VB7FF&G0B6F&FRFV"6W'f6W24Ч7W'FW'2v6&V6VfR&vR`&F6FW&FB6&RF7G&'WFV@F7W7FW'2FV&6Rv&VW72bFP6vwwrW6V7W&GF6wwrVGw26V