Clearview National October 2017 - Issue 191 - Page 91

HARDWARE FEELING FLUSH WITH NEW NIGHT VENT OPTION Kenrick has launched a range of locking systems to enable flush sash windows to be positively held in the ‘night-vent’ position. » » THE FLUSH SASH night-vent shootbolt has been developed by Kenrick to overcome the common problem associated with some flush sash windows – a restrictive Euro groove position which doesn’t provide enough room to accommodate the double keep on the shootbolt. The newly developed extensions ar H\]XH]H^\[X\[ۜ›ۈYHو[X&\ \[[›[\[\8$^[X\[\[ۈ[[\[ۂ\] \XH[[XXK\HYH][K\[[œ\[\[Y]HZ[\œY[[H؝\[[YYKX\X\ TŒXܙY]Y ^Hٙ\\Y[[][ۈ܈H[[\[ݚY[[[X]BX\]H܈HY[ۙ\[X\HXY[\Y\و\\H][ۜ܈K[[Z[][H[[X\[˜[܈\[\ˈH\[B\HY\]YH[[›[ܙH[ YX\][Y[\X\YH\X[[XX[YX\YX\[]\H][ˈ[X&\[Bو]X[]HX[Y\HX\]XY[^[X\][K\[[\[KB\\[[\[ۈ\[B[HX\Y][\Yۛ]B[\[\˂˚[X˘˝Z˘X\Y]]Z˘BHHHHUH H0 M0L