Clearview National October 2017 - Issue 191 - Page 84

CONSERVATORIES&SOLIDROOFS Secondary Glazing Delivers Clear Benefits to You and Your Customers » » WITH AUTUMN JUST around the corner homeowners are considering measures that reduce their energy bills and make their homes more environmentally friendly. Give your customers the most cost- effective way of cutting their bills… No mess, no fuss Ecoease Secondary Glazing. As well as lower energy bills, Ecoease secondary glazing can all but eliminate issues such as condensation and sound pollution. Not just a practical solution for insulating standard homes, Ecoease is fantastic for character properties. You can tell your customers Ecoease Secondary Glazing gives the benefits of double glazing, without detracting from the beauty of the original windows including insulating stained glass windows. This is particularly applicable to listed buildings where conventional double glazing is restricted. Another bonus is that ‘Planning permission is not required’ for the Ecoease system! Secondary glazing systems remain the most practical alternative for many households with the Ecoease magnetically attached panels costing around 15% of a typical double glazing installation without any disruption caused by installation or any detrimental impact on environmental performance. EASY INSTALLATION Once you have measured up just send us your sizes and we will make the panel to perfectly fit that window making all necessary allowances. Ecoease units are easily installed in minutes simply by attaching the ready made up panel to the window frame. A whole house can be glazed in a couple of hours! There is no disruption to your clients’ rooms, no mess not fuss! HOW IT WORKS The Ecoease glazing system maintains a sealed layer of static air inside the original window to improve thermal and acoustic insulation and to eliminate condensation. With Ecoease, PET is fitted to the inside frame of the existing window, and held in place using our magnetic system. This system traps a layer of still air between the pane of glass and the Ecoease Secondary Glazing. This trapped airspace will reduce the rate of heat loss, and also act as a baffle to reduce sound transmission. Constructed from clear PET (Polyester), the same material used for many aircraft windows and soft drink bottles, Ecoease panels are the most fire retardant plastic secondary glazing available in the UK. 84 » OCT 2017 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M WHAT CUSTOMERS SAY Paul from Guildford in Surrey: “We have a large expanse of window area in our holiday home. At night in the winter we could feel the cold so we considered secondary glazing. Since fitting, we have noticed a big difference in the room temperature, the amount of heating required and the level of comfort within the room. I would recommend it to anybody.” Southampton-based Julian is similarly enthused: “We opted for secondary glazing in order to reduce fuel bills and keep our 16th Century house warmer without replacing the windows. The house is now draft free and it certainly improves sound insulation. We fully expect to see lower fuel bills later this year.” GO GREEN Environmentally friendly – Ecoease secondary double glazing is the only secondary glazing system to supply PET clear plastic sheet (Polyethylene terephthalate) the most recyclable plastic on the planet. All other components are completely recyclable. PET has high optical clarity – beautifully clear and unobtrusive. WHY CHOOSE ECOEASE? There are many magnetic secondary glazing systems on the market but we pride our product as having the highest quality standard available and at an affordable price. Our unique edging system provides a superior finish rather than the magnets sticking straight on to the sheet. Ecoease secondary glazing is the only secondary glazing system to supply PET clear plastic sheet which has a Class 1 fire rating. Custom made and easy to fit, plus our Measure to fit panes come out fully made up for you with all magnets already attached so you can simply offer it up to the property windows. LET’S SUMMARISE • Easy for you to measure up and install. • Quick turnaround. • No disruption for your customers’ homes. • Perfect for older properties where planning restrictions are in place. Call us on 01536 446398 for more information and pricing.