Clearview National October 2017 - Issue 191 - Page 75

GLASS&SEALEDUNITS COMPLEX CURVED FAÇADE ON HAMBURG’S NEW STUNNING CONCERT HALL » » LOCATED ON THE ELBE RIVER, ON the western tip of the HafenCity in Hamburg, Germany, the Elbphilharmonie is one of the largest and most acoustically advanced concert halls in the world and an outstanding example of modern architecture. The Elbphilharmonie boasts stunning architecture in the mixed-used facility. Designed by Herzog & de Meuron, the building is not just a site for music; it is a fully-fledged residential and cultural complex. The 108-metre-high building, which officially opened in January 2017, accommodates a philharmonic hall, a chamber music hall, restaurants, bars, a terrace with panoramic views of Hamburg. The design of the new glass building resembles a hoisted sail or water wave. Extruded from the shape of the original Kaispeicher warehouse that supports it, the new glass building is identical in ground plan with the brick blo وH\Z[[XݙHX]\\ˈ]\]H[KH]X\HZ\H\BY\[\YۈHH]ZY] Z[\HقH\Z\H[˂\^\Y\pYHH]˜Z[[&\[[ K L\pYBۜ\[\ \ K LHو\Y\][ٛܛ\HX\H[[[ܛ[\]X\ܞ\[ H\X\[B۝[X[H[\\]]\HYX[ۜ›وHKH]\[H]HY˂Y\\X\\ۜXH܂][[H\pYK]\\\Yو][\Y[[][\[]ŠQ\H܈H[\[\\B[Z[]Y\Y[H^[܈HX\Šݙ\Y^\[܈[\Y\KۙHوH[[\\][[B\Y\[[Y[وHpYK\][YK؛H\]\[\[\و]\^ Q Y[Y]KH^[[H\XZ[Z[B[[ۜوHY\[][وH\™\[HX[YX\[\ˈH^[›وHpYHۜ\وHQH][B\۝][YHZ\܈˜[H\[ZX[\ܙY[]\H\۝][[HYH\B][[XY][H\Y\&H\ܛX[B\]Z\[Y[˂˙X\X[\˘BH[Y]HZ[ܛ\\HZ[ \] ]8&\X][[œ\ZH[H\B[x&\HY[]\[[[XH[Y\x&\H[\˂] MHX[YX\[[\X][ۈXH[[Hۙۋ[YHوHR&\[XX[HY[Y\\[X[]Y\ܛ[\\[[H[˂\]X\[\8(][K[[Z[]H\8(\Y[[”X[Y[]8$[Y[ݙ\\^YQ\8(X\X\ӐXX[[8(]\]][•H[HZ[H\Œ M̍ ̍H[ܛ[\˘˝Z˘ܛ[\˘˝ZHHHHUH H0 M0