Clearview National October 2017 - Issue 191 - Page 72

ALUMINIUM Why fabricators should offer high quality windows and doors for new build projects HELP REBUILD THE NEW BUILD REPUTATION It’s been widely documented that more homes need to be built in the UK year on year to meet the housing shortage. Recent figures from the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) show that between January and June, the number of houses being built on site is at its highest since the same period in 2008. The government, alongside developers and smaller housing building companies are working hard to increase the number built each year. The data shows 164,960 homes are being constructed, which is 13 percent up on 2016. It sounds like good news, however even with more homes being built, it still falls short of projected targets. A BAD REPUTATION There have been many reports in the national and local press around the UK about problems with new build homes. A YouGov poll found that a staggering 51 percent of homeowners who recently bought a newbuild reported major faults with their new home. Problems include everything from poorly fitted windows that leak water, to a non- existent window in a bathroom, where a hole was just left for it! One family even realised there was no insulation in their home and on a property in 2015, a boundary wall collapsed damaging three cars. In March this year, several months before Grenfell, residents of an apartment block in Manchester had to move out of their flats because the building broke fire safety rules. These are all worrying examples to hear and are indicative of the issues surrounding new builds. QUALITY FIRST It’s really important to put quality first when choosing windows and doors for new builds, to make sure homes are secure, comfortable and have the desired look. That’s because a recent study by bridging lender Market Financial Solutions shows 72 » OCT 2017 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M that 81 percent of prospective buyers would rather live in an older property than a new build. The majority of those surveyed said that there are too many poor-quality and unattractive new build homes. The study came after the Local Government Association reported in August that 1 in 10 buyers of new homes are left dissatisfied. As an industry, we can help to change the reputation of new build properties by making sure we offer high quality products and attractive designs to developers and house builders, that tick all the boxes for what homeowners want from their new home. CHANGE THE WAY DEVELOPERS THINK With the increase in new homes being built, it means more business for fabricators. It’s easy to go down the low-cost route, but there is a great opportunity to change the way developers think about how to make their houses stand out from the rest. By offering high quality products, that provide an eye-catching look, top thermal efficiency and effective security, homeowners can get the reliable windows and doors they expect on the new home they have invested in. Whereas the industry will need to work together to help find an answer to the skills gap and make sure people with the right skillset are working on new builds, fabricators can help by making sure the right products are being specified and recommended for new properties. Go with AluWood For fabricators looking for a high-quality system to help grow the amount of new build projects they supply to, they should look no further than AluWood Windows. AluWood is an aluminium clad timber window and door system which combines the strength and colour options of aluminium on the outside, with the traditional look and warm feel of timber on the inside. With a sophisticated look and top performance for energy and security, the AluWood system has been created to meet the design demands of architects, the performance requirements for specifiers and the look, safety and warmth homeowners want. That’s why we’re finding it’s a popular choice for new build homes. COST EFFECTIVE For fabricators, it is a cost-effective system too. Dual colour comes at no extra cost and it requires little upfront investment in tooling to fabricate the system. There is a choice of window styles, including flush top-swing fully reversible, flush top and side hung casements and fixed lights with internal or external beads. To match the glazing across a new build, the system can also be used to make entrance doors, French double doors and back doors. So, whether fabricators want to supply to a small family home or a larger luxury home, AluWood offers the right options. REBUILD It’s time to help reverse the bad reputation new builds are getting and make sure that we work togeth W"&vBFRvg&ЦVf7GW&rvFw2BF'2F7FƖrV6VBFBvvR6VF&fRFRVƗGbWr'VBW2@R7W&RWfW'Rg&FR'VFW"FFPVvW"2wwrWvGvFw26V