Clearview National October 2017 - Issue 191 - Page 6

PROUD SPONSOR OF INDUSTRY NEWS INDUSTRYNEWS CREATIVE RECYCLING » » MORLEY GLASS & Glazing is well-known for its commitment to sponsoring local clubs and societies, helping organise charity events and raising money for good causes. Now, the business has been able to combine these with a unique approach to how it recycles the waste products of its production process. Over the past year, Morley has got creative with the help of local glass artists Bob and Gael Spishak, who have been giving the offcuts of glass created during Morley’s manufacturing process a new lease of life as works of art. Using their own home studio, the couple melt the glass down and reform it to produce stunning pieces of glass wear. You might think Morley’s waste products stop at glass, but you’d be wrong. The business is also responsible for the disposal of a great deal of packaging. In particular, it is the wooden boxes the business receives parts in from Italy that have become incredibly popular with local schools and craft societies for their sheer adaptability for several creative projects. If you know of a charity or organisation that may have a creative use for a Morley by- product, get in touch to let us know. Review of building regulations and fire safety ‘The Grenfell Tower tragedy must prompt a considerable step change in how fire risk in tower blocks is managed,’ urged leading safety bodies in Britain. » » THE SAFETY AND health community came together as one to call for swift and urgent action and is pleased that many of the points it raised are found in the publication on 30 August 2017 of the terms of reference for the independent review of building regulations and fire safety, as well as those for the public inquiry. Calls led by the British Safety Council, the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH), the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents and Park Health and Safety have helped shape a way forward for the independent review that they welcome. “The public inquiry and review must lead to measures that make sure solid regulations are robustly enforced and that fire safety competence is viewed as essential and integral to decision-making. ‘an effective and proportionate approach’ “Following a positive meeting with officials from key Government departments, Hܝ\ܚ[][H[\[XZ[Z[[YX]H[ܝ[ۘ]H\XœY[][ۈ[\][B[^H\X\وX[ Y]K\H][[ۈ[Z[[œ[\˸'BPPSQTTPPHUQ0HPSӈSPPS›و\H[HRXXYH]Yو L Lۛ\[ MXܙ[]\Y\\HXݚ[[ H[\x&\œXX[[YKHR&\؝\\ܛX[H\\[ŒIHوH[XXYXܛ]\H]Xݚ[[Z[HXZ[۝X]܋H[و M Lۛ\و\H\XXYYXݚ[[\YX\Xܛ] N]\X[Y[X\[Y\˂Xݚ[[\Hܙ[\][ۈZ[YY]X[]][\HX[ۈ[XX[][H[[\[Y]ܚوH]\X[[\x&\[\H[Z]Y[˂0 M0PTHHHR B\HUHٚ[\\\Y HوBR&\XX[XY][Y[[ M]\\YY[^XH[\[X\XZ[\H\ HXZ܈X܈][HXX[X\š\[ܙX\[[X[HX[YX\\܂]X[]HXXYX]\X[ \XHوZ[œXXY\][[Y\]][Hق\ܛX[K[H]\Y[X[H]\B][ۙ[YHXHۜX[ۂXX\[ܚ[[[XX[\ۙ[˂[][]][KYH ˍHZ[[ۈۛ\وš\Y[XXYYH[[ L[[[\[Y]ܚXܛ]\H[H ˘^[ۙܛ\ ˝ZBB˜Xݚ[[