Clearview National October 2017 - Issue 191 - Page 52

PROUD SPONSOR OF DOORS & WINDOWS DOORS&WINDOWS WHERE TECHNOLOGY MEETS ART » » THE STYLELINE RANGE OF windows and doors, an exclusive offering from Sternfenster, achieves a unique degree of quality for Approved Installers to offer their customers ‘Where Technology Meets Art’ is based upon the state-of-the-art, pioneering techniques used to create the window or door frame. The StyleLine range is determined by the first of its kind Seamless Quad Welder from Graf Synergy, of which Sternfenster is the first UK fabricator to use. These windows and doors completely outclass other uPVC designs on offer as the Graf Welder allows the manufacturing process to bypass the corner cleaning stage, as any excess plastic is pushed inside of the frame. Not only does this process bring an aesthetic value,it also allows this range to achieve outstanding levels of security and product longevity due to an enhanced weld strength as no vinyl is lost at the joint. Combining modern function with traditional form, StyleLine windows and doors emulate traditional timber joinery whilst still achieving ‘A’ rated standards of thermal efficiency. The StyleLine design allows Sternfenster to offer a home improvement solution that quite literally stands in a class of its own, setting the standard for innovation and advancement. 7 OUT OF 10 CONSUMERS CAN’T BE WRONG » » IF YOU’RE LOOKING FOR A compelling sales advantage, how about this? 7 out of 10 consumers recognise the Swish brand. Gerald Allen, Swish’s Brand Manager, says: “Brand recognition like this is a fantastic advantage, as Swish fabricators and installers know.” Swish is a British brand with a 40- year heritage. This means it has a level of experience and expertise that’s reflected in the product because Swish offers everything a homeowner is looking for. Swish windows have been approved by the Secured by Design scheme, the official UK Pol 6PFFfRFB7W'G2B&FW2FP&6W2b7&R&WfVFF&Vv6V7W&RFW6vBVvVW&r6FRg&ЦvfrVvW'2vBFWvB7v66FVƗfW'2f"f'&6F'2B7FW'2FR77FV2V7Ff'&6FRB6PFfBFVFW&^( 2FRWfVb7W'BffW&V@''&Bvf"G2v&Bg&VFǐ7W7FW"6W'f6RvVƗG6W27W'@BƗFW&GW&R&fFRFRF2FV6V7W&P6W2FW&^( 26FRW6VV6R27FF&@V&W"&w&Rv62FG&fPB&FRW6VV6RBWfW'WfV`V&W"'W6W76W27v6ffW'2WfW'FrRBW 7W7FW'2&Rrf"wwr7v6vFw26Vv'Fr62FR6P+ +%$tD$dE2U4TB4V֖V77FV( 26g&B77FVF7&VFR&fBF"B&fBvFrBW&WBf6B66v'Fr( W"6ƖVBv2rFVWFP&W7FW&BGvv2( W2&VFf&BvrF&V7F"B'&vF&fG2( PFFRWFF"fW&FvW&RFW'2VFV"66FVBFW"FFPFVv6VFW"6B6VB&RgVǒVV@WvBvVFW"( &W6FVF7GR&fBF"77FVv0WfW"vrF7WBB&V6W6RFR'W6W70vVB&RVrB66rFRF'0BvFrWfW'FvRVVFVB&'W7BS" +5B#r +4T%dRrT2Ц6W&677FVFB6VBvF7FBFǐ'W6W72W6R( Ф'&vF&fG2GW&VBF6V֖V( 0CCr6g&B77FVf"6WF( vR&VGW6VB6V֖V77FV066VBFVbvR6VBFBBF7&VFP&fB( FR&W7VB2&W76fR&f@F"FBV2WBFFRv7G&VWB6FR76R6&RVVBFR7VW"vVFRFVv6VFW"27BV"FP&fB7GRvFr7&VFW2Vrg&Чv7BֆVvBN( 2FR6BFv'B&W7FW&@BV2WBFFRfW&Fwwr6V֖V6V