Clearview National October 2017 - Issue 191 - Page 4

PROUD SPONSOR OF INDUSTRY NEWS FROMTHEEDITOR Palmer Market Research’s new report into the performance and prospects of the UK window and door industry, warns of ‘significant headwinds’, with a slowdown in the housing market and uncertainty surrounding Brexit, contributing to market contraction. » » BUT THERE WERE SOME POSITIVE indications - growth in bi-fold doors and growing sales of foiled and mechanically jointed/timber-effect PVC-U windows, the former up 9.3% in 2016 to 42,700 door sets. Both are tipped for growth going forward as part of the general shift to higher end products. The fortunes for windows, doors and conservatories are again mixed, defined by a combination of installation and material type. The report also found that average installed prices of conservatories were up by 12%, while conservatory replacements saw growth of 6%, although this was offset by a decline in first time installations of 4%. Robert Palmer, director, Palmer Market Research, said: “The industry has out-performed our forecasts last year but we’re now seeing near stagnation in the housing market, which is a tell tale sign of tougher economic conditions to come. This, and the uncertainty around Brexit, has led to a weakening of consumer confidence, which we expect to bite in the second half of this year and through next.” The report suggests that product development in the right areas is a key foundation of future growth and longer- term viability. That is reflected in some recent developments in the sector. Liniar, for example, has unveiled a new 178,000ft² facility, incorporating a warehouse, training centre and showrooms in what has been billed as the latest stage in the ‘incredible success story’ of HL Plastics, creator of the Liniar brand. Liniar House was officially opened in September by Lord Digby Jones, former director general of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) and business ambassador of UK Trade and Investment. Confidence in the future is also demonstrated by Morley Glass & Glazing, which specialises in manufacturing Uni- Blind® sealed units with ScreenLine® integral blinds inside. The c \[H\[\Y0 [ܙX\HX[ۂ\X]H]]XܞH[YY˂[\\YK\H\H\[\Y[^[\\ق\[Y\و[^\\H[ZXY[ \\Y[\ ][]KBBBBܛ\Y]܂0 M0PTHHHR BSU8&T‘QHSx)0THUHQSQB[ܙYXH\\\[Bܛ]\H[۞[[\]X\[ۙ]]K\\ۂ[[]Y [ۈ[X\^KYY[[X˂]\]]\H[\H\H[[ H\[›ۈوH]ۈ[\[۝\[\H\[H^Z[™YHH[\وB[\][ۈܛ X\\[Qو\\YH[Y\\XYYœ\]^HH\H[[ݙ\HZ[\[‘\Xܜ\[\^H[[\[][[YYX]HYX \H[\\Y\]H[Hو\\܈YۂYX\\[\Z[ۈB\و\Y[وHш[Z\X[وSKX\\H[ \\XYB][H[\Kٝ[Z[›]YY\H\[\X[[X[HܙX]\[\[H]\[ۙY[ܘ[[]Xˈ[\\]\\ \\X[YHHZ[[ܘB[H[\H[YB[Y\XX]܈HYX\]B\[Y]\\[\˜Z[H\X\Y[وB\Zۛ\]\ ]]\š\[][ۜ\]\Y[HHۈ[[][]B][HX\\\B\۝[\ܘ\Y\˂H\[H[Y]Y]B\[H\ۛH\\]œY]][ۛHXYYY\H\HX[H[]]Y[\XHو\ܝ[HY\›وHX[Y[Y[ [[BۜY\]H\XZܚ]HقHܚٛܘH]Hݙ\ MHYX\&B\XH[\Z\[ ]8&\YHœ^H]H\\Y[\X[YX][ۈH\Y[YH]H]HYHX\\H™ܘXY[H[]][\BHH[\KX[H[B[[Y]\\[[Y]HHYXH]H\˜Z[[][۝[YHœ[Z[\وH[H[X^[ܚ]H\ۙHݙ\B\ YX\˂x&\H\H][H[[\[\[X\[[\œ]\[Y[[HHYB[H\]\H[[ۈX[YYXH][Y[؜\][ۜ