Clearview National October 2017 - Issue 191 - Page 24

PROUD SPONSOR OF INDUSTRY NEWS INDUSTRYNEWS TECHNAL MX STRUCTURAL GLAZING SUPPLIED FOR SUNDERLAND COLLEGE CONTRACT » » THE DEVELOPMENT OF A BRAND- new college campus in the North-east has seen a leading fabricator for the Technal brand – part of the Sapa Group – design, manufacture and install a major glazing package, which included a double-storey façade featuring the use of the MX SG structural glazing system. The flagship campus for Sunderland College was completed by BAM Construction in time for the start of the current academic year, with locally based Glasshus Ltd being the specialist fabricator involved. Such has been the success of the relationship established during the project that Glasshus Ltd has gone on to be awarded three further contracts with BAM. The new £29 million City Campus has been constructed on land opposite Park Lane Interchange and provides space for 2,000 students to undertake a range of courses including engineering, manufacturing and construction. BAM’s Design Manager, Mark Farnell, confirmed the growing interaction with Glasshus and its Technal system solutions. He said: “This was the first time that Glasshus had worked for us, though since the successful completion of the Sunderland College contract, they have won three more jobs including a student accommodation building in Newcastle and a school in Sheffield.” GOOD LOOKS AND LOWER EMISSIONS » » BALLYMENA BASED FABRICATOR Apeer has recently upgraded its fleet to include three newly-branded Mercedes Sprinter delivery vans, which have been brought in to replace three of the company’s more outdated vehicles. Their eye-catching branding design, that displays Ap VW"F'2R6FRBFP6( 2fFfRV֒vFw2FPFW"v2FWfVVBֆW6R'VW.( 0&WFrFVB27V66W76gV6FVFbFR6( 2W7FWF2WFFW2FRF&FbG2vV'6FW2B'&6W&W2V&ƖW"FRV"( vRfR&V6VfVB&Vǒ6FfR&W76Pg&7W7FW'2FBfR6VVFRWpfV6W2WBFR&B( 6BƖFF"&WFrvW"( RbW"G&fW'20WfV&VV7FVBv7B&VBB6WG&7FF'6VR6rvW&RP6VBvWBFRvFw2g&( ФF&V7F"64vƖFFVC( @ǒFFRf2w&VBvFFRg&W6'&Fr'WBFRfFVvR66R066vf6Fǒ&WGFW"&FV֗760BgVVVff6V7v67FfVǒ6G&'WFW0F&frW"6( 26&&fG&B( Ф666VFVC( FRf2v'Fǒ&RW6V@FFVƗfW"6W"V֒&FW'2'WB7FǐFWv&RFWVBFgVfW"TvFPFVƗfW&W2bVW"66FRF'2( ЧwwrVW"6VfW&F7V6Ɨ7G26VRV&VƖWf&R&W7VG0+ +RbDRT( 2d5DU5@w&vrVf7GW&W'2bWFF"Ɨfp&GV7G226VVVV7W&vRVG0B6W2F2FƗGFRVg&6v@FFFR֖vBw&Wv67V6Ɨ6W2V֖VfW&F26W2B6''G0'FW&VBvF6vBFFFFWfVvǒF&vWFVB&WFr7G&FVwv66VFW2V&WFrBFVW6W2w6FR&FrFV"&GV7B&vRFRf&vFVBF6v66RFV"WrG&FP'FW"66VRख6vBFF2FRT( 2VFr&fFW"`&WFrFVƖvV6RB&7V7BFFf #B +5B#r +4T%dRrT2ЦfVW7G&FBvFW"67G'V7FGW7G&W2FV"V&fVBFF&6RffW'267W&FPFFf"fW"cFVF7W7FW'06VFr7&VFB&Fw27Wǒf&FBWFV66W'2F&VvFV"F&V7@&WFrFf66vBFF67&VFPBVVBF&vWFVB7G&FVvW26VFpF&V7BW'2R6G2fǖW'2BG&6&G2FRf&26fW7FVBVfǒG0FVW6W2Ff6FffW"7W7FW'2ƖRFP֖vBw&WVffV7FfRvFWG6W&6PFVV&WFr&V7G2V6V&W"b7Ff`2&V6VfVBF&VvGW7G'G&r@&GV7BvVFvRFV7W&RFR&W7B&W7VG2ख6vBFF&RFR7&VF'2b6W7G&6W"FRƖR&7V7BFF&6R5$77FVЦBFVw&FVBV&WFrFf&wwr6vFFF6V