Clearview National October 2017 - Issue 191 - Page 22

PROUD SPONSOR OF INDUSTRY NEWS INDUSTRYNEWS EXAMS ALONE ARE FAILING TO PRODUCE WORK-READY SCHOOL LEAVERS The education system is at risk of stifling economic growth if there isn’t a greater focus on skills based learning, such as work experience, says the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), as GCSE results are revealed across the UK. » » THE IET CALLS TODAY for more practical learning and development options to be built into the curriculum, but stresses it’s not just the responsibility of schools; employers have a duty to provide work experience for those in education or training to improve the supply of engineers and technicians coming into the industry. Addressing these growing concerns, the latest Skills and Demand in Industry report*, published by the IET, confirms that 68% of employers are worried that the education system will struggle to keep up with the skills required for technological change with 62% agreeing that young people entering today’s workplace do not have the right skills. 91% of companies surveyed went on to agree that more work experience needs to be offered to reduce the growing skills gap. Alison Carr, IET Director of Policy, said: “There is deep concern that access to our next generation of work-ready engineers and technicians is being stifled by a lack of work experience options available to young people as part of their studies. “As we are facing an engineering shortfall in the next decade, compounded by uncertainty around skills following Brexit, it is never too early to start developing the next generation of ‘home grown’ engin eering and technology talent that have the right practical skills. ‘Work experience is part of the solution’ “Work experience is part of the solution and we are now calling on employers and educators to continue to strengthen their working relationships to ensure that the work experience they offer is designed with the skills gap in mind.” The IET champions the need for employers and the education sector to collaborate to offer a diverse range of quality work experience to engineering students. For more information about the range of support and options available to students through the IET, visit the Students section of the IET website. students/index.cfm 22 » OCT 2017 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M LETTER TO THE EDITOR There is a famous saying that ‘imitation is the greatest form of flattery’. While this may be true in some cases, it is certainly not true when it comes to ensuring safety and the protection of reputations and livelihoods. » » MUCH LIKE HOOVER, iPod or Jacuzzi, through the success of our original range of universal cable restrictors, the Jackloc® name has become genericised to cover all types of restrictor. While this highlights our hard work in developing the Jackloc brand, it means that some tradespeople are buying and supplying inferior windows restrictors which they believe are Jacklocs. We urge the industry not to accept any imitations, ensuring they use only genuine Jacklocs and not risk their reputations on possibly limited and ineffective replicas. All Jackloc restrictors are designed, engineered and manufactured in the Midlands to exacting BS EN and ISO Quality Standards. Only the highest quality materials and components are used to create our restrictors, guaranteeing a long-lasting, first-class product. Safety is our passion. The original key-lockable Jackloc was developed by our father, Derek Horne after he spoke with a hotelier who saw a child dangling from one of his hotel room windows. Since then as we have developed that innovation into a business, our mission statement hasn’t changed; offering safety at every level dramatically to reduce the risk of falls from windows. The Jackloc MK2 Key- Lockable Window Restrictor still leads the way and was recently awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation 2017. This is the most prestigious award in UK business, and Jackloc holds the title until 2022. Jackloc has grown to encompass a full range of restrictors including push and turn, swivel/ stud and double bullet models which are completely universal and can be used with windows and doors of any material. We are the only component supplier that has absolutely no injuries or fatalities thanks to our products and we have a proven track record of safeguarding thousands of lives every day, worldwide. By using a copy-cat product or one that has been incorrectly described as a Jackloc, you cannot be offered the same, great assurance. For almost 14 years, people have trusted the Jackloc brand and our products. We do not take that trust lightly, nor do we forget our duty of care to protect lives and prevent needless accidents. Emma Wells and Judith Burrows, Directors, The Jackloc Company.