Clearview National October 2017 - Issue 191 - Page 103

AN INSPIRED DECISION Since Network VEKA was established in 1996, its members have carried out more than 230,000 installations with sales of over £1 billion, with an average customer satisfaction rate of 97%. The decision to evolve into INDEPENDENT NETWORK this year further builds on the notion that the consumers should be central to every experience. To this end, INDEPENDENT NETWORK combines local fabricators and installers backed by the number one PVC-U systems supplier in the UK and around the world, to deliver the best product and service to the end user every time. Are you in? INTERESTED? If you think your company would be right for INDEPENDENT NETWORK and you’d like to find out more about its many business benefits, contact our Partner Programme team to arrange a meeting on: 0808 1454290 or email: WE’RE IN