Clearview National October 2017 - Issue 191 - Page 101

BUSINESSNEWS G17 New Product of the Year Finalist 2017 » » THE LAST FEW MONTHS HAVE been a whirlwind at Made for Trade, seeing the company take on more staff, further product development and manufacturing output rise across the company. Bucking the trend of Conservatory sales, Made for Trade has seen a consistent growth of the Global Conservatory Roof systems which has become a specialism of the company. Alongside all this, Made for Trade’s Fabrication of the Smarts Aluminium Visofold Bi-folding Door is breaking company records on a weekly basis while maintaining rapid turnaround and delivery to clients nationwide. But sitting on top of these successes is the Korniche Aluminium Roof Lantern which is seeing unprecedented growth as the market seemingly realises the potential of this exceptional, highly engineered product and the many key advantages the Korniche holds over its nearest competitors. The Korniche appeals to fitters and trade outlets alike and ultimately offers consumers enviable, clean, uninterrupted views that are ever more popular for flat roof extension projects. The technical attributes of the Korniche, its engineering and design pedigree all come together to deliver an unrivalled ease and speed of fit, making it a firm favourite with fitters and installers. Gaining favour and appreciation from the installers and builders has been key to this success. Made for Trade has now also been recognised by the window industry through the prestigious G17 awards which has shortlisted the Korniche Aluminium Roof Lantern for the ‘New Product of the Year’ award. A TRUE GAME-CHANGER Bradley Gaunt, Managing Director says: “We are all very proud of everything we have achieved with the Korniche and that it is being recognised by the industry for its ground breaking design is fantastic news. Most heartening is the positive feedback we continue to receive from the installers and tradespeople up and down the country who fit the Lantern, those who have taken a chance on what is a relatively new kid on the block. Having had nothing but praise underpins our belief in the Korniche and that it is a true game-changer in the industry.” Made for Trade has continued to invest not only in extending the Korniche as a product, with new features in the pipeline, but also with customer and marketing support. Alongside showroom point of sale, brochures and samples to suit all scales of businesses, Made for Trade has also now released - through the Korniche website - an account- enabled estimating tool KwikQuote. KwikQuo H[X\HX[[[Y\X܈Y[X\[HݚYHZ\\Y\ۋBK\][][ۜ[ܙ\˂ZZHؚ[ۋوX[Y\^\']\[ۙHH\Hܚ[]ۈBܛXHو[\\[\Hۈ]^B]HX[H^\[ۘ[\XH][HݚYK'B]8&\]Hۙ\HܛXH۝[Y\ܛ]X\]\H[Z[[\]B][[\[ۜ[Y\[ZH]X[Xܙ[\[\[[ۚX[X\8'\[\وۈHX\]H\'K8'[X^[”و8'K8']ۙ\[X[]Y]x'K8'[[Z[][H[\HܛXH8$™ܙX]X 'H8'\X\H[X[˸'B[][ܙHX]HܛXKܙ[\HHZ[[[ۜ][ۈ[\ݙ\HܛXH[HBٚ]XHY][ۈ[\\[\X\H۝X[\ܛXK˝Z›܈\]˚ܛXK˝Z‘܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۈۈؘ[ۜ\]ܞHٜ[HX\\ٛKY[ܜYHHXYH܈YBX]N˛XYYܝYKHHHHUH H0 M0 L