Clearview National November 2017 - Issue 192 - Page 84

MACHINERY Is it still the right time to invest in machinery? » » WHEN INVESTMENT IS considered one thought is to hold off buying equipment due to uncertainties in the economy but on the other hand are we possibly into the survival of the fittest and quite a lot of investment that is happening is to replace obsolescent or worn out equipment which is slowly but surely dragging efficiency down for some. The uPVC industry really started getting strongly into automated sawing & machining benefits of newer nearly twenty years ago and at the time a much better technology but there are massive decision for many companies was inevitably more breakdowns on machines that justified with the amazing saving in operators, are heading towards twenty years old. This profile wastage, scrap and general efficiency means interrupted production and high parts improvements. These machines paid for costs as components wear out. It has been themselves long ago but many companies particularly noticeable since the recession that overlooked that they would wear out and be many Stuga fabricators are choosing top of overtaken by ever improving technology. The the range machines like the ZX4 and ZX5 difficulty comes in creating the justification indicating serious intent. The Stuga ZX5 second time round. sawing & machining center has the latest Stuga sawing & machining centers were controls and features like ‘Y-Drive’ for perfect originally expected to have a life of 10 to 15 ‘Y’ notch preparation every time, ‘tru-loc’ years but many are now much older. The gripper system, profile width measuring, owners are 66090 not only missing out - HALF.pdf on the breakage detection and extremely useful - AlexanderWindows 1 20/09/2017 tool 09:47:29 management information built into the software. These are on top of all the superb features already installed on the ZX4 and naturally included in the ZX5. A significant issue for Stuga is to constantly update their customer base about the latest technology so that when a fabricator is ready to replace their old Stuga they are aware that the company has been continually improving its machines with the latest leading-edge technology so the potential customer isn’t comparing old Stuga technology with a competitor’s latest technology. everything must go! C M Y CM MY CY CMY K WELL-MAINTAINED MACHINERY, ALL FROM NEW AND SERVICED REGULARLY FOR A FULL LIST OF AVAILABLE MACHINERY CONTACT STEVE ON 0161 482 2300 or email 84 » N OV 2017 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M