Clearview National November 2017 - Issue 192 - Page 8

INDUSTRYNEWS The Global Conservatory Roof Powers Ahead with Made for Trade » » MADE FOR TRADE HAS BEEN fabricating the Global Conservatory Roof System for 10 years, during which time the Global system has proved both consistent in sales and ever-popular with installers and builders. The glazing industry and past industry reports have all pointed to the slow down and decline in popularity of the conservatory as a method consumers are choosing to extend properties. Bucking the trend, however, Made for Trade has seen a rise in sales throughout 2017 which suggests that there is life left in the conservatory market and consumers are less distracted by other means of property development than the industry news suggests. The conservatory market and Global system appear to be increasingly popular and indeed, a preferred product for many - with a market share of 50 percent plus. Price, quality and service have always been at the forefront of Made for Trade’s approach and this, undoubtedly, has also helped maintain the level of sales for the Global Roof. Made for Trade has continued fabrication and support for the Global System due to ongoing demand and installer preference for the product. Investment by the system manufacturer, Synseal has also been instrumental leading to Made for Trade’s continued long-serving relationship with the group and enabling active ongoing client and manufacturing support. Andy Jones, Group Sales and Marketing Director at Synseal Group, said: “Made for Trade has been a long-standing customer of ours and an excellent ambassador for our Global conservatory roof, which they have been fabricating for more than 10 years. In the last year they have manufactured more than 4,000 Global roofs, making them one of our largest conservatory roof customers. “We are always impressed by their year- on year growth and the quality of their manufacturing. I’m looking forward to visiting 8 » N OV 2017 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M Alongside new and larger premises, Made for Trade has also invested in six new aluminium CNC machines and two saws from Emmegi across its operations to maintain the highest production standards in lean manufacturing and quick turnaround delivering client demand. their new, larger factory space which will help them to maintain the 100+ roofs a week they are currently fabricating and enable them to continue to deliver to their customers a fast, reliable service of our Global range.” It is important to remember that the Global Conservatory System is still one of the most cost- effective solutions to extend and improve a home. Glass has become the game changer, the developments in thermal qualities of both frame and glass standards are helping to break away from the stigma of being ‘too hot in the summer, too cold in the winter’ Better overall standards of conservatory design and build are a world apart from the PVCu, versions fuelling the reputation a conservatory could only be used for half the year. Global Conservatories and Orangeries can now provide far better thermal performances and when constructed with the right balance of vertical glazin rB6ƖBv2FVƗfW"W6VVBV"&VBƗfr76W2@FFF2FFRR2vV2FFrfVR7GR26'FBf7F"vFFW&খFW'&WFF2bFR66W'fF'v6f@7FF&B7V&RfG&BfWvW"f7F&B6VB&FW'2B&6RbW72&FPVGv&FBVFFW6v26fFV6RFR&GV7B&7FW&VB'V"V"w&wFvFFRv&'&@Bw6FRWr&GV7B&WFr0vrFRf"G&FRF&V6Wr6W2@FR67V'6WVVFǒFV7G&FVBG06fFV6R'fW7FrgW'FW"7gBbf7F'76Rf"G2v&&bW&F0B766FVB7F6BFVƗfW'&WV&VVG2F2WrfW7FVB2'Bb'&FW W6FB6V^( 2FRf"G&F^( 2vश&6RV֖V&bFW&@6'Bf6fB&fFrF"W&F0'&Vr6&GV7F&V6&G2FF#rFRf"G&FR26&VV6'FƗ7FVBGv"v&G2f"FPFW"vrF&V7F"bVVvT6VFVC( FRf"G&FR0&VV'WrVVv6W2WfW"66PFWvW&RW7F&Ɨ6VBBv^( &RfW'&V@F&RFV"W6W''FW"vP6FVRFv&&BF&WFRGFW6rW2'&fFrVƗG&VƖ&P6W2&6VBW'WW'BGf6R( FRFRf"G&FRf7F'2r6wV6Rf"VVvTBFW&wV&ǒfR&RbW"6W2W6PFFW"6vRf'&6F"2vV26Gf6VB426r6VG&W2FW&R&PF&VRVV7G&2&fR6w2GvVV7G&0&VB6w2B&vRb6W"6'6w2N( 2VvVǒ&W76fR6WBW( Ф&6Rsrv&G2f"( &W7BWr&GV7N( BFR( 66W'fF'&bf'&6F.( 6FVv'FRFfVW7G&Fv&G2'&FWvVBvrF&V7F"60( FR&W6V&6FWfVVBB6FVV@fW7FVBFRFR7BGvV'206FVVBFFfFVG2f"W2vBf 2&VVFff7VBW&BFR&6P2&fFVBFRf"G&FRvFv&BЧvrFf&v6&6VBW"&fR@FRdB6rF2V"B2&W7VBvRfP6VVw&wF7V7G2bFR'W6W72F0w&wF26VVgW'FW"fW7FVBf7F'76Rf6ƗFW2B7FfbFVW6R@V7W&RvRFVƗfW"FW"w&vr6ƖVB&6R( ХFR6FVVB&W7W&vV6RbFRv&&bB66W'fF'&WB6V7FvFFR&B&6W2FRfB&bWFV60gVVƖrFR&fBB&bFW&&W@6VW2FRf"G&FRvV6VB2V֖Vf'&6F"BVf7GW&W"@FRFbG2vRw&wF2&VV6V@'7W7FW"&WFVFWr7W7FW'2GG&7FV@'&6RB7FrF&VvFVƗfW'bpFW&VƗGB6W'f6Rf"&Rf&FFRv&66W'fF'&bw6FRFRf"G&F^( 0FW"&GV7G2f6BwwrFVf'G&FR6