Clearview National November 2017 - Issue 192 - Page 79

WARM EDGE WINDOW COMPONENTS ENGINEERED FOR SAVINGS SAVE energy with the lowest conductivity spacers – 0.14 W/mK SAVE energy with lowest Psi values SAVE energy with reduced overall window U-values SAVE costs on the best futureproof window components Our spacers are the result of over 35 years of dedication to insulated glass. We understand the conditions within a glazing unit and how each component performs within the lifetime of the unit. This helps us to ensure that the components we manufacture and supply are second-to-none. High performance engineering plastic Perforation holes for effective passage of air arctic climate arctic climate Pre-Desiccated Flexible Foam ph A+ ph A C E RT I F I E D COMPONENT Passive House Institute C E RT I F I E D COMPONENT Passive House Institute Available with or without unique gas barrier tape Thermal Conductivity: 0.14 W/mK Plastic window frame Wood window frame Double Glazing 0.032 0.031 Triple Glazing 0.030 0 #&fR6fVW2&6VB$bFF6VWB"#rwwr'VFW7fW&&B"6v2FPvW"6fVW26Wf&RvFBV@VVRv0&'&W"FPFW&6GV7FfG3Rr԰&RƖV@FW6fP6FRFP7F2vFrg&RvBvFrg&PFV&Rvr3#G&Rvr##p&fR6fVW2&6VB$bFF6VWB"#wwr'VFW7fW&&B"6v2FPFF66fW"&R&WBFW&&""FW&"Wv&VFvR76W'0BW"Svr6VG2f6@wwrFW&6Vw&W6"6CR333SFCB#333S