Clearview National November 2017 - Issue 192 - Page 74

ALUMINIUMEXTRA NEW HQ IS GIANT LEAP FOR ALUMINIUM IN UK » » ALUK HAS OPENED ITS NEW 350,000 sq ft South Wales headquarters including an impressive new design studio, training academy and R&D facility. The business believes there is still huge potential in the aluminium sector, particularly at the premium end. Clearview visited the new facilities in Chepstow. The company has now completed what has been a multi-million pound investment in the purchase and transformation of the site of the former wind turbine tower factory in Chepstow, and created the ideal platform for its ambitious expansion plans in the UK. Following record-breaking growth over the past three years, AluK now has the capacity to produce 12,000 tonnes of aluminium profile per year at Chepstow. With more thermal break assembly lines, more stockholding, and a new state of the art polyester powder coat vertical line paint line - a first by any systems company globally encompassing an online pre-anodising system - it is equipped to provide market-leading service alongside its innovative, precision quality product range. Speaking at the press opening of the facility, Managing Director Russell Yates said: “The investment here in Chepstow represents a giant leap for the company in the UK – we’re immensely proud of the new facility and now want to welcome as many customers as possible to see the size and scale of our commitment to the region and to the market.” ACADEMY Alongside the new factory, AluK revealed its new, dedicated training Academy providing a range of design, installation and software courses for customers and specifiers. Fully equipped with the very latest aluminium machinery from Emmegi (UK), the Academy enables customers to get practical training on every aspect of fabrication as well as product installation. Technical Director Nick Cooper, who is responsible for the Academy, said: “We believe this is the most advanced facility of its kind in the UK for fabricators and installers of aluminium fenestration products. Whether 74 » N OV 2017 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M customers are new to aluminium or are experienced manufacturers wanting to learn about any of our new products, we have a range of very worthwhile courses on offer – and all free of charge.” There are full details on the AluK Academy and the courses available to book at: www. DESIGN STUDIO AluK has also invested in its second UK Design Studio at Chepstow. This is an impressive 300m² space showcasing its complete range of products, with many full-size installations in place, and providing a venue for presentations and events. AluK opened its first Design Studio in London’s Worship Street last year, and that has proved so popular that the company has repeated the formula in Chepstow, creating a venue suitable for use by customers, clients and architects. PRODUCT STRATEGY Coinciding with the official opening, AluK set out its product strategy for the trade and residential market, creating three clearly defined tiers to enable customers to identify the right products for their target sectors and to differentiate their offerings. AluK’s mainstream products are now all being marketed under the Optio brand, its premium products are branded Luminia and its high- end retail products are Infinium. It has already appointed select partners for the Infinium range and will be announcing details of a similar select partner scheme for Luminia shortly. The company previewed a whole raft of new product innovations in each of those tiers at the FIT Show in May, and has released both the Luminia Veranda system [H[[’[[][H[ܘ[ZXY[܈\Y\˂X\][\X܈[ۙYX[[Y]HXܞH[[]H[Z[XH KB X[R^\[]H][X\š[HKYX܋\ٙXX[H][Y˜\Y\[ؙ\]H\[“[Z[XHMMY[܈[˂[ۙYZY8'\[ܚ]H\[XB\Y\\H\HX\]H[Z][HX܈وHX\]\HBۛ\H\[\H؝\[X[ B[\\][H[\H]^H]H[\[X\][\ܝ^BYY[HHXYX][H[ܙX]Hۙ[\Z[XHX\[܂[\[\˸'BUTHS[R\[[[ ][[[B]Z[و]]Z[X[]H[ N[\˜\H][[H]YH[ܙX\H]\[\›و][[Hۜ[Y\X\] \[X]\YY8'[R\ۈH\B^][\^H\H[HRˈH]HB[\XX[]K[^][]X[K[[^\Y[Y[YH[]]YX[BX\Y[XYHZH\ܝ\ Hۛ]\H\[YH[X[[H[[Z[][BX܈[H]Hۈ]H]HBۙY[H[ [[\ܝ[KH\\\HXHXZHH[و] 'B[Z˘˝Z