Clearview National November 2017 - Issue 192 - Page 71

ALUMINIUMEXTRA Investing in the Future Aluminium double glazing has proven itself to be a contemporary home improvement solution, achieving impressive standards of performance and appearance. Sternfenster offers a comprehensive selection of windows and doors, allowing all Approved Network Installers to extend a degree of product that stands out. » » THIS HIGH performance collection also includes market rarities like the Secured by Design aluminium bi-fold door and the aluminium vertical sliding sash window. It is clear thatt Network members can offer their customers a unique degree of quality which will enable them to gain a competitive edge on the market. The FOM LMT65 means that members of the Sternfenster Approved Installer Network can benefit from lead times of as little as three days, increased product quality and efficiency as well as enhanced flexibility and improved opportunities for higher margin sales. These factors will prove to be irreplaceable in gaining a foothold in the aluminium market. Not only does Sternfenster offer their Installers efficiency throughout, they also offer designs that are sure to be an exceptional addition to any product range. Becoming a Sternfenster Approved Installer offers a smart way to invest in the future of t RGW7G'wwr7FW&fV7FW"6Хt^( dRt@R4dU$T@$UEDU"TĕE$UEDU"$ET5E2$UEDU"4U%d4RदFF`w&rW"'W6W70vFW2CBS#"S#S#P&fVF7FW'47FW&fV7FW"6Vwwr7FW&fV7FW"67FW"WGv&2R%bRrR2 +b#r +s