Clearview National November 2017 - Issue 192 - Page 68

HARDWARE STAINLESS STEEL SALES CONTINUES TO RISE! Leading hardware supplier the Trojan Group are once again witnessing a steady rise in sales for their Stainless Steel hardware range as winter approaches. This comes as no surprise to the company who has lead the market for some years with their impressive Stainless-Steel door furniture range all backed with a 25-year anti corrosion guarantee. » » INCREASING NUMBER OF call outs affect not only your bottom line but also your reputation. Call-outs, replacement costs and reputational damage will all have an impact on your business especially in an economic climate where everyone is still choosing their suppliers carefully. As a result of this industry problem more fabricators and installers are turning to high grades of stainless steel as the answer. Stainless steel products are extremely durable and more than capable of withstanding the most ferocious of winters without losing their good looks or functionality. Trojan’s Stainless-Steel range provides a complete door hardware solution and consists of door handles, letterplates, numerals, pull handles, hinges, central door knob, escutcheons and door knockers including the popular Slim Urn and Contemporary door knockers. The range has been one of the industry’s biggest success stories of recent years. ALUMINIUMEXTRA A Choice of Cutting-Edge Products » » THE STERNFENSTER APPROVED Installer network allows companies in the home improvement sector to benefit from increased sales, reduced aftersales, reduced lead times and a selection of marketing materials. It also offers access to a choice of cutting-edge aluminium products. The Secured by Design aluminium bi-fold door means customers can be offered a door that achieves the police preferred standard of home security, standing as an asset for any member of the Approved Installer Network. Approved Installers can offer their customers the cutting-edge aluminium sliding sash windows. These windows stand at the forefront of double glazed window design, expertly combining the appearance of a 68 » N OV 2017 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M ‘at the forefront of double glazed window design’ traditional timber design with all the benefits that come with the modern aluminium build. Sternfenster also offers a wide selection of leading aluminium windows and aluminium doors, spanning a large spectrum of appearance and operation choices. This means that Approved Installers will be able to increase their demographic, accommodating for a wide selection of customer tastes,property sizes and styles. Aluminium as a material will also reduce aftersales, as it achieves an impressive degree of longevity and durability. Unlike their timber or uPVC counterparts, aluminium won’t rot, warp or discolour over time.