Clearview National November 2017 - Issue 192 - Page 64

HARDWARE All-purpose screws save time, money and hassle The Vida All-Purpose screw pack provides a convenient and efficient solution by containing a selection of screws. » » VIDA SCREWS COME IN PACKS offering a mix of popular sizes for versatility, with features that make them resilient and reliable. Designed to suit an assortment of materials – hardwood and MDF for instance – these screws do not require pre-drilling. The Pozi recess prevents cam-out and improves torque, and the double countersunk head decreases the likelihood of sheer and assists completion of countersinking. Also, the screws’ low torque coating enhances insertion time, provides extra driving torque and protects from corrosion. It also has a 40° deep single thread that provides a secure fixing with high pull-out resistance a хЁͱ͠)]ѕٕȁȁЁɽЃL)ɍȁ%dLѡ͔͍ɕ́ɔѡ)ͽѥͅ٥ԁѥݡ)͕ѥѡɥЁ͍ɕ܁ȁ)YA͔͍ɕ́)مЁѡɕЁɥ ȸ)ܹ٥ܵլ+aѡ͔͍ɕ́ɔ)ѡͽѥd)مɽ%ɽɕа)ݥѠٕȀ԰ѡȁɽՍ̰ɑ́)́є̀ȁЁݽɭ)ٕ䰁ݕ̸)ܹɽ呥ɕй)5I-P1%9)AI=U QL) =9QI% UQ%9)Q<I=]Q P)!I]I%9QL+ Q]