Clearview National November 2017 - Issue 192 - Page 58

PROUD SPONSOR OF DOORS & WINDOWS DOORS&WINDOWS Welcome to our Weld » » IT’S HERE, IT’S NEW AND as one of the first UK Companies to introduce it, it’s big news for Essex based fabricator Climatec Windows. Climatec’s new ETL welding process now means they can offer the popular R9 and Deceuninck Flush Sash windows unglazed. And whilst they may not be one of the giants in the industry, Climatec pride themselves in being at the forefront when it comes to embracing new production methods and technology. The “External Timber Look” (ETL) weld is an ingenious method of joining frames at the corners. Climatec began researching the technology associated with this new method of welding 9 months prior to this year’s FIT show, and as an exhibitor were subsequently able to offer a sneak preview to visitors; the feedback received was extremely encouraging. The unique selling point of the ETL weld, is that it retains the external appearance of a mechanically jointed frame. This is formed by a special machining process to the ends of the sash profiles prior to welding. The resulting internal corner has a welded mitre that is pinched tight to form a 0.5mm seam which is almost invisible. The typical method of constructing UPVC windows and doors has barely changed since they were introduced to the UK way back in the 1970’s. The welded method of construction has been the standard since then, and for good reason. There is no doubting that this process of fusing the corners together after they have been heated to almost melting point ensures an incredibly strong, almost unbreakable joint. With the recent introduction of Flush Casement Windows, the industry has seen the emphasis move towards more traditional looking products, none more so than the exclusive Residence Collection. This superb looking product was designed to capture the authentic look of a hand-made timber window using a fully mechanical jointing method and it has clearly achieved this objective by carving a niche for itself at the premium end of the market. Climatec Director Steve Barker says “Those familiar with the Residence Collection will be aware that to maintain its [Yܚ]HH^[\˜HۙY[H\[YK\YܙH[[Y\\H\YY[HXܞH^Y HXZ[\Y[Y\]\\š\]H[Y\\H\HX]BY [\XHH\Y[[\XXH[\œ\X[HH\[Yx'K[HH[\[ۈقH\Y[HX[ۂ[\[H\[Y\]B[XYZ\ۈ\[ۜ›وH\\[[YH][ٙ\[[H]HYX[X[[ [X]X˜\H[\[\[ۈ]\B[H\Z\H[]Y\X[YX\[]X[]B[[ܜˈYX[X[\[[\H\\˜ۙY[H[YK[]\ٙ\H[Y]ݙ\H\[ۈ[Y[[\\ق[[ۙ]]K[X]X[ٙ\HY\XHو[ۜ[[[ۙB[H[]Y\\\[Y[ˈHY\Y[YHZ[HX[]HN0Ո M0PTHHHR Bٙ\\[HوX[^Y]]HYY܈[HH\YY[B^Y]H^[ۙY[XK^H\H[XH›ٙ\HXZ[YYX][[™\\[Y[\[[ۈ܂HXZ[X[HX\]\\š\[]Z[XH]HU[Y[ H[X]Xܛ\[[X]H] ]YX\[B[[܈[\B^YX\[Y]][YH^H]HY۝[YYX\\[H\[H]›و8&۝[[\][Y[[[\ݙ[Y[8&K[HۛBYYZHH]Z\]\^[[ܝ[وX˜[Z\X[\Y\\H܂ۙ\X][ۈو\˂˘[X]X][˘˝Z