Clearview National November 2017 - Issue 192 - Page 40

All Doors ORDERS ARRIVE 100% ON TIME, IN FULL » » TWO YEARS’ WORK ON turning manufacturing and operations into a well-tuned service engine is paying off at the Solidor Group. The leading composite door manufacturer has achieved an impressive 100% OTIF (orders delivered On Time, In Full) for four months in a row between June and September. By keeping to a five-day delivery promise for both Solidor and Residor, installers and their customers can rely on orders being fulfilled on time, in full, exactly as ordered. This makes a huge difference to service and satisfaction all the way along the supply chain. And by managing its own fleet of lorries and team of drivers, the Solidor and Residor doors arrive in perfect condition too. The premium Solidor timber core composite door was joined by Residor’s GRP foam composite door in 2016. Both ranges come with Ultion locks fitted as standard and Solidor can also add the most secure options in the market, including Lock Lock handles and Winkhaus AV3 autolock magnets. Residor is also now available in a range of new designs and styles, as well as the full palette of RAL colours. This means that architects and other specifiers, installers and builders have an astonishing 2,328 shades to offer customers. The highest service standards, combined with the most secure and beautiful doors, are reflected in a 20% increase in sales in the first half of 2017. CEO Gareth Mobley comments: “We’re really excited about our continuing strong growth and that we can match our quality products with a quality service to satisfy our customers.” Solidor is growing fast. It’s investing in people, operations, facilities, customer support and research & development to make sure its products, quality and service are the best, for 5 Star Reliability. Customers can also tap into a highly effective lead generation system, and marketing POS that are arguably one of the best in the market. Painted doors in five days DOORCO, the leading UK composite door manufacturer is delighted to announce the reduction in the lead times for painted doors from its UK facility, with one side painted doors now available in just five days. » » “COLOUR MAKES UP AROUND 60% of our sales at DOORCO”, comments Jayne Sullivan, Operations Director at DOORCO. “With this level of demand comes complexity, as an increasing palette of colours are required by our customers as quickly as possible. As part of our strategic investment plan to ensure we remained responsive to our customers’ needs, in March this year we choose to invest in a purpose-built Turn-Key paint solution from Schubert’s. The Schubox® has provided DOORCO with a technologically advanced approach to supplying customers of all sizes with the highest quality, consistent custom finishes. Both solvent and water-based substrates react well, so not only have we noticed significant improvements in quality, 40 » N OV 2017 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M but the unique infra-red drying process has dramatically reduced drying times. “We no longer struggle with the bottle-neck that the painting process often causes and this has enabled us to speed up the painting process and therefore the time in which we can deliver to our customers. We can therefore now make the commitment to a reduced turnaround on painted doors – one sided painted doors are now available on a five-day turnaround, while double painted doors and stained doors can be delivered in just seven. “Ultimate customer satisfaction is the key driver behind everything we do at DOORCO. Whether it’s a one-off prepped door, single or mixed pallets, being able to improve delivery times on colour is a great accolade to the commitment made providing excellent products and service and we will continuing to make improvements of this nature features at the core of what we do.”