Clearview National November 2017 - Issue 192 - Page 38

All Doors THE NEXT GENERATION OF COMPOSITE DOORS » » COMPOSITE DOORS ARE THE nation’s favourite entrance doors. But we all know how discerning today’s consumers can be. In nxt-gen, the new range from Distinction Doors, you have a door that takes everything to the next level. Chantel Roach, Distinction’s Sales and Marketing Director, tells us how it’s changing the face of the industry. Composite doors are homeowners’ overwhelming favourite choice of entrance door. But homeowners are also increasingly discerning – they want more from their products and they want to know they’re making the best possible investment in their home. So when we started to develop nxt-gen, our aims were simple: take everything that’s good about our market-leading composite door and bring it to the next level so we can stay ahead of expectations. We looked at how we could enhance the door for homeowners and what would improve fabricators’ and installers’ experiences of working with composites. We believe the results set a new benchmark for the industry – and since the nxt-gen launch earlier this year, sales figures back us up. The aesthetics of nxt-gen have been attracting attention for good reason. The nxt-gen glazing system is unique and sits flush within the frame and has an internal glass retention bead to create a sleek and impressive finish, making it unique amongst composite doors. The appearance is enhanced with our oak tree woodgrain skin which remains as authentic and beautiful as ever. There are six designs (Esteem, Eclat, Eclat Arch, Elegance, Classical and Classical Half Glazed). Triple-glazed, laminated as standard glass is available from the Distinction Glass range, which means nxt-gen doors can sit alongside our Signature range with no additional glazing stockholding. There are seven pre-pigmented standard colours, including Anthracite Grey and Chartwell, two colours that have surged in popularity in recent years, and we also offer a wealth of bespoke colours from state-of-the art paint plant. 38 » N OV 2017 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M Nxt-gen also delivers when it comes to the practical things that homeowners care about. When part of an approved doorset, the door leaf and glazing system have a proven ability to achieve Document Q compliance and PAS24:2016. Like our Signature composite door, nxt-gen delivers sector-leading thermal efficiency – it is more than 17% more efficient than either a 48mm solid core timber door or a 44mm traditional timber panelled door. Its weighted noise reduction of 31 decibels means it has the ability to keep outside noise to a minimum. It is more than capable of withstanding everyday knocks and scratches thanks to its high impact GRP skin, while water resistant polymer composite rails keep weather at bay and help keep the door looking good for longer. The strength and quality of the door are both reflected in the 10-year surface warranty and the 25 year structural warranty. For fabricators and installers our focus was on improving efficiency and reducing cost. Nxt-gen doors come in three t [[XXH^\[وX\HKX\\\Y \[\B[HYX\\K[ܙX\\[ZY[[۝X]\HYXYXX[[[YHق[]\YHوZ[]\\܋[ܜ˜\H\YYKY]Y][\[XY[œYXH[][ˈ^[\]ZX\\H\H]\^[ۜ[XX\YYY[Y^[\X\Y\\H]Y\]Z\YX]\HH[\[XY[\\HBX[[ [X]\HH^[XY\ڙX^[ۙH[]8&\\\\XH˜H[XYK[]Y\X\][ Y[x&]H[Hݙ\Y \x&\H \YH]Z[\H]X]\\[ Y[[Yۘ]\Bܜ\[\H\[[ۈ\[K]\]]]HY\[H[XY\H[[X[^\S Д\\[\[\H[]H\\Yۈ]\]YKX\ۈ[[[HXH\BX\][X]\X[X\Y\XY][\\[[HYY[KH\YۙY Y[ZHH[\Bܝ\[]8&\[^XH] Y[x&YZHH\وH]\HوH[\K\x&\]\^H][B\\[]HYY \Y[\Y[X\ۙH\]H܈\Y\][X^H[][ܙHX]] Y[[܈[\\]H܂[\