Clearview National November 2017 - Issue 192 - Page 32

G17 Awards NVQ INITIATIVE SEES FABRICATOR RECEIVE SOUGHT-AFTER AWARD NOMINATION » » EPWIN’S FABRICATION division are delighted to have been shortlisted for Training and Development Initiative of the Year at the prestigious G17 Awards. In the past year, the market- leading fenestration group has helped over 250 employees across four of its constituent businesses, including Permadoor and Sierra Windows, achieve NVQ Level II qualifications. Completed over a twelve- month period, and part-funded by the Skills and Funding Agency, the training programme covered everything from the fundamentals of English and Maths to in-depth aspects of glass and glazing. “We’re delighted to have been nominated,” commented Sharn Samra, Epwin Marketing Director. “Employee retention poses a huge challenge for any business, especially in an industry facing a skills shortage. “Investing in a comprehensive training and development program means we can create the strongest workforce not just in skill-set but in loyalty and importantly morale – helping employees to achieve their full potential.” A number of Epwin employees have now begun studying towards Level III qualifications in Fabrication of Glass, Supporting Structures and Electrical Engineering among other topics. Double Celebrations for company in G17 Awards » » SAINT-GOBAIN BUILDING GLASS, market leader in the innovation and development of high performance glass, has been named as a finalist in two categories at the prestigious G17 Awards. The business has been shortlisted in the Commercial Project of the Year category for its part in the creation of the Leeds Recycling and Energy Recovery Facility (RERF). The high-performance SGG COOL-LITE SKN 165 II solar control glazing provides the building’s impressive and distinctive floor to ceiling façade. Chosen for its experience, sustainability credentials, knowledge and technical excellence, Saint-Gobain Building Glass was well-qualified to meet the required technical demands of the project. The business was the first of its kind to undergo Life Cycle Assessments for its products; an ethos that complements the RERF’s environmental and energy-saving aspects. Meanwhile Chris Lloyd, Product Technical Support Manager is a finalist in the Unsung Hero category. Described as ‘passionate, diligent and a technical font of knowledge’, Chris has earned an unparalleled reputation for excellence over his 10 years with the business. Craig Dodsworth, Head of Marketing at Saint-Gobain Building Glass said: “We’re thrilled to have been shortlisted in two categories.” TWO G17 AWARD SHORTLISTINGS FOR GLASSOLUTIONS » » GLASSOLUTIONS, Q!U/eL)ՙɕȰɽͽȰɥѽȰ)хȁɕɕȁ̰́Ʌѥ)ѕȁ͡ѱѕȁݼ܁݅ɑ̰ѡ)Յ饹≠͍)Qé͡ѱѥѡ) ɍAɽЁѡeȁѕ)Ʌѕ́ѡɕѠՅ͕٥)ѡɽ٥̸1MM=1UQ%=9L)݅́́Ёȁٕ́䁽)مѥٔͽѥȁ1e)= ɐٕՔٕиQ)ɕɉ͡ե́ɍ(ȃ 8=X܃ 0IY$\U, <4)́ݥѠɕхչ́ɕ́́չ)ɽ٥ɅЁѡɕͥ́)ɕ́܁Ʌɕѥɕ)٥ɅѥٔѡѥЁͥ)1MM=1UQ%=9Od፱ͥٔYLāх)݅ѕ)1MM=1UQ%=9Od͕͡ѱѥ)ѡ ѽȁ ɔ%ѥѥٔѡe)ѕɕ́ѡͥЁɽѠ)ٽյɑ́)ѡeȀȁٕЁ́䁱)ɍݡٕ͕́́ɕѕ)ɽѡȁսѥɑɥѕ̸)1MM=1UQ%=9ĹѼɕЁ)Ս́ɕ٥́啅́Ёѡ݅ɑ̰)٥Ёɕѱݽ݅ɑ́؁) ɍAɽЁѡeȁ)ѡ٥ɽх%ѥѥٔѡe)݅ɐи)ܹͽѥ̹լ