Clearview National November 2017 - Issue 192 - Page 28

PROUD SPONSOR OF INDUSTRY NEWS INDUSTRYNEWS “Exactly what it says on the tin” TAP, STRIKE, KNOCK, WHACK, BANG, POUND, SMASH… Whatever type of hammering jobs you must do, the Hultafors Tools range of Hammers delivers all the power and precision you’ll need. » » IN THIS NEW GENERATION range you’ll find Ball Hammers, Carpenters’ Hammers, T-Block Hammers, Electrician’s Hammers, Sledge Hammers, Dead Blow Hammers and even Copper Hammers. They’re tools that can handle the toughest work, delivering the best possible levels of precision, performance and safety. ‘perfect additions to your toolbox’ Ergonomically designed for ease of use and with a range of sizes and a special grip technology, these Hammers are perfectly crafted for your needs. With vibration damping features as well as reduced recoil and even an anti-sparking feature in one of the models, you can rest assured that the Hultafors Hammers will be the perfect additions to your toolbox. 28 » N OV 2017 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M » » MEETING THE NEEDS AND requirements of every customer is something Bedfordshire-based machinery manufacturer Kombimatec prides itself on. From customer service to delivery and installation, and of course the quality of the machines themselves, it’s all-important when it comes to building the perfect customer experience. According to Peter Hedges, Director of PVCu windows, doors and conservatories manufacturer Weatherbreak, Kombimatec ticked every box when it came time for them to invest in some new kit as their previous machinery had come to the end of its lifespan. “Kombimatec seemed to offer everything needed to meet our requirements at a realistic price,” said Peter when discussing Weatherbreak’s purchase of a Kombimatec AMC308 CNC Machining Centre. Previously neighbours before Kombimatec moved to larger premises in Dunstable, the deal between the two companies came with one condition: that the machine could first be put on display at this year’s FIT Show. Held in May at the NEC, Birmingham, FIT Show 2017 proved a successful outing for Kombimatec with a little help from Weatherbreak’s newly purchased AMC308 CNC Machining Centre. PROINSTALLER.CO.UK THE VOICE OF THE TRADE ISSUE 55 OCTOBER 2017 FREE 04 Tradespeople are the healthiest 08 Starting your own installation business? 36 Colour helps 44 Death knell for You could be fitter than a personal trainer. Powered Now shows you the perks and the pitfalls. Bright options for doors, windows and roofline. Petrol and diesel vans are on the road to nowhere. installers upsell traditional fuel HOMEOWNERS RELY ON BANK OF MUM AND DAD Research from Plentif- PRO INSTALLER NOW IN MORE TRADE COUNTERS » » PRO INSTALLER MAGAZINE IS pleased to announce that it will now be available in 180 extra UK trade counters – thanks to leading PVCu company Eurocell. Over 30,000 copies of the Pro Installer mag are already distributed to 650 trade UK counters every month. Now, we’ll have an even bigger audience, as Eurocell has kindly signed up to distribute our mag across its own 180 trade counters. The outlets span an area from Penzance to Inverness, and recently, 250 products were added to the over-the-counter ranges, bringing the total number available to over 4,000. What’s more, Eurocell - which manufactures, distributes and recycles PVCu windows, doors, conservatory and roofline systems – has plans to launch another 30 trade counters next year. And it’s great news that they will also offer Pro Installer. Eurocell Head of Marketing Chris Coxon said: “We choose locations carefully, looking for spots that we know will be accessible, an online home ser- vice marketplace, has found that fi nancial help from the Bank of Mum and Dad isn’t just limited to purchasing a property, it also extends to improving the home. A fi fth of homeowners (18%) say they rely on the Bank of Mum and Dad to help fi nance home improve- ments, while 19% admit that their parents physically help them to carry out DIY. In the past, owning your own home as a young adult wasn’t the struggle it ap- pears to be nowadays. Many older parents will remember a time when they could buy a family home for a realistic sum that was relative to lo- cal salaries, at least in com- parison to today’s standards. Plentifi c’s fi ndings show that 26% of homebuyers across the UK now receive fi nancial aid from the Bank of Mum and Dad when purchasing a property. This number increases dramat- ically amongst younger homeowners, with 58% of respondents under 34 ad- mitting to receiving fi nancial help from their parents. Unsurprisingly, London ranked top of the table (59%) when it comes to re- ceiving fi nancial help from the Bank of Mum and Dad when buying a property. With prices increasing in the capital, it may seem sensible to buy a more affordable property that needs fi xing up. However, 48% of London homeown- ers admit they have also received fi nancial aid from their parents to pay for a renovation project or home improvements. Belfast came in second highest for homeowners receiving fi nancial help ments, London (48%), Liv- erpool (31%) and Brighton (17%) topped the table. The top locations for homeown- ers who received physical help with DIY from their parents were London (29%), Bristol (26%) and Sheffi eld (22%). the number is ‘ quite alarming ’ from parents when buying a property at 30%, with Brighton and Glasgow occupying the bottom spot with just 12%. Homebuy- ers in Birmingham (16%), Southampton (18%) and Nottingham (19%) were the next lowest in the rankings, while those in Manchester (22%), Leeds (23%) and Bristol (25%) sat at the high- er end of the table. When looking at par- ents that provide fi nancial support for home improve- NEW LOW PRICE 10 Stephen Jury, spokesper- son for Plentifi c, said: “Our statistics really highlight the struggles young people face when buying or renovating a property. Whilst buying a cheaper property that needs work may seem like a good option, the number of young people receiving fi nancial and physical help from their parents with renovations projects is quite alarming.” ORDER TO DELIVERY I=4MP)]ɭ)1Q)9=\=91d+ (+ )PAI% ) =5AI%M=8)Q=d) )ȁ)%Ց)ٕ)͔5ȁQɅ)յմ) )聉Ʌ) Ȁ)Ȁ)ܹɅ(Aȁɥ́չ镐م䁑ͥ锁ѥѡȸ1ѥ͕́хɐȸ)ȁɅݡЁѡݥ͔)ٔѼͥЁɹѼ)̸+q=ѡѡ́ݗeٔѥٕȁѡ)Ё܁啅́́ѡЁȁѽ́ɔ她)ɔɔѽ́ѕɥ́ɽ̸ )ٕɔх́ѼѡɅݔ)ѡ䁍ѽݥѠ́ѡ)ɅЁѼݽɯt)9܁ɔɅݥ)ѼAɼ%хȁ饹ݡɕٕ)ѡ䁍͔Ѽȁѡȁɽ̸)Qɕх)屔́ѡ́٥ٕ́ѡ)ɽɽՍ́ѼхȁЃLа)ٕѡх́Ѽ܁Ёѡ)́饹)ɽ́ѕ́ɽ䁽)ݡѡ饹݅́չɥ(̃LͼѡԁѼѡ)ȁɔɵѥЁɽ(䁽ȁ٥ͥЁɽլ