Clearview National November 2017 - Issue 192 - Page 16

PROUD SPONSOR OF INDUSTRY NEWS INDUSTRYNEWS NATIONAL SURVEY SHOWS WORRYINGLY LOW AWARENESS OF FIRE DOOR SAFETY » » A SURVEY OF 2,000 UK ADULTS IN support of Fire Door Safety Week, has shown an alarming lack of public awareness of the essential role of fire doors. The research, revealed that 25% of people are unaware that fire doors must be kept shut always and that 49% of those surveyed say they have seen a fire door propped open. The results also showed that over a third admit that they would prop a fire door open at certain times. The survey also highlighted that nearly six in ten people do not know how to identify a fire door and that 13% of people who do would either take no action or be unsure what to do if there was an obvious problem with a fire door. In previous research among its customers, IronmongeryDirect also discovered that most of the tradespeople surveyed (73%) had noticed fire doors without correctly fitted seals, and 74% had seen a blocked or obstructed fire door. The safety campaign says that fire doors are often the first line of defence. The latest Window Industry Report is published » » INSIGHT DATA HAS published its latest Industry Report, giving a comprehensive overview of the UK window, door and conservatory industry along with the top performing companies. The report follows research carried out on over 15,000 companies and includes analysis, trends and opinion on the current state of the industry, including detailed information on fabricators, installers, trade counters and the growth of ‘builder installers’ as well as developments in products and materials. Highlights from the report include; • Greater competition as the number of window companies has increased • Fewer PVC-U fabricators, while aluminium remains strong • Single storey extensions and tiled roof conservatories creating new opportunities • Trade counters expanding rapidly, potentially disrupting the market • Significant rise in specialist/ premium products, such as vertical sliders Insight Data’s managing director, Andrew Scott, comments: “The industry is currently facing some challenges with more companies now reporting a slowdown in business, some by as much as 15%. However, there are still plenty of opportunities and several companies are bucking the trend.” The Insight Report gives a full snapshot of the industry, analysing fabricators and installers by region, sectors, products, financial performance and more. Massive Cyber Attack Resisted » » WITH SOME OF THE WORLD’S largest organisations facing cyber attacks with many being severely disrupted, Wellingborough window and door manufacturer Glazerite has been the victim of the same virus that severely disrupted the NHS and TNT this year. However, despite every one of the business’s servers being hit Glazerite was fully operational again within just 27 hours, with disruption kept to a minimum thanks to the robust systems put in place to deal with such a risk. On a Monday evening in early September Glazerite’s servers were attacked by the virus 16 » N OV 2017 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M that has wreaked havoc in organisations throughout the world, with the perpetrators demanding a ransom to release the company’s systems from their grip. As a business that is heavily reliant on an IT infrastructure t )ٕ́ɽ́ݥѡɥїé)ɕɕ̰ѡѕѥȁѥ)͔݅́)!ݕٕȰѡéɽЁѕ)مͅѕȁɕٕ)ɽɕ́ѡЁх)ѥѥՍѡɕаݥѠ)ɽչѡݽɬɽѡéх)%PЁ䰁ɥє݅́ձ)Ʌѥݥѡ܁̸)ܹɥѕݥ̹լ