Clearview National November 2017 - Issue 192 - Page 14

PROUD SPONSOR OF INDUSTRY NEWS INDUSTRYNEWS LETTER TO THE EDITOR Can you accurately cleanse your data? DEAR PAT, In the pursuit of new customers, many businesses in the industry are turning their hands to email marketing and direct mail. Investments are made in email creators and data lists with grand aims to target and engage with the industry’s top decision makers. However, what many of these companies seem to overlook is an effective campaign is only as good as its data. For the deluge of responses, they expect, to match their initial investment, businesses need to actively cleanse their data to ensure they are contacting the right people and getting the right results. In this current world of acquisitions, mergers and closures – especially in the fenestration industry, the issue of data decay has never been more significant. If businesses have purchased data or a one- off list of email addresses, they could be wasting their time contacting individuals who have changed jobs, retired, or even passed away and businesses that could no longer be trading. Not to mention the potential damage to reputations with high bounce rates leaving businesses looking unprofessional and resulting in potential blacklisting from email providers, meaning the hard work and investment could all be in vein. Great data on the other hand which has been fastidiously fettled to ensure the most accurate information can transform an email campaign, producing high deliverability rates with low bounce rates and will help to drive customers and sales to the business. Companies who have felt the effects of bad data now rely on Insight Data for their industry- specific prospect data. They no longer need to worry about data cleansing or data decay thanks to our pioneeri X[ ][YB]H[Y]YHH][\YB\YX][ۈ\ˈ[\ۙBوHY\\X[Hو[B\H\X\\XZH K ۙH[]\H[۝˜ۙ\H]\H]Z[ [[\H]HH\XYYHHܙY]Y\[BY[KXۙ\\ܙY]][[Y[YY\\[Y\›ۈ\]X\H]]BۙH\ [ݙY܈[Y\Xܜ˂]8&\[]Z[XH[[\X\\ۛ[HX]X\BXX[\H\[ԓH\[H[H[ []™[XZ[X\][]ܛH[YSKYHܙY[BB[\[X[Y\BB[Y]BM0Ո M0PTHHHR B]ژ[Œ ]\]B\]\\ܛ\[B0TԓTT˜Y[[XY\H\X]܂وژ[&\] XܙY]Y[Xܛ]\]KH]\Y][ۈ\ܛ\&\ܝ[قݙ\ \\H[\\˜\YYYT  M[\‘[H\X[ B]\]H\\YۙYYY]H^X[\]Z\[Y[ق [[H[[Yۂ[H܈]^\[T XܙY]][ۋ]]HYY]\ ^HX\]HX]\\[YB[[\X]H\[]ۘX[Y[HYX[\BX][]X[H8&]]H8&HX]\KX[Z]H[[قH[\[\[ٙ\›X^[][HX[ۈB\[˂H^\[\\›X[YX\YH Z[\œY[][[\YZ[Y[YY܈Z[Y[\]\]\ˈH HYX\[KBܜ[ۈX\[YH\ݚYY܈Z[\Y[ژ[ [Xܛ]\]\˂\YۙY]Y\]X[Z[ H [Xܛ&\œ[\H][Y[[[[\[Y[[H܈[BZ]Y[\\[ۚ\\]\ژ[܈\]\KB[\[\[H\YX][Hܸ&\[\[܂\Yۋ\ܛ\B\X\Y\X]܈و[˜[܈][\Hۙœ\\\]ژ[H[[Hوژ[[\\\YY ˘\ܛ\˘˝Z