Clearview National November 2017 - Issue 192 - Page 11

PROUD SPONSOR OF INDUSTRY NEWS INDUSTRYNEWS Ask NatALI! Connect with us: Meet NatALI – a long-running member of the multi-talented TWR team! WE MEET BUILDING REGULATIONS » » SHE IS AN ALUMINIUM expert and has become a renowned industry source for answering any aluminium- related questions. Each month, she will answer a question from an installer about one of the industry’s favourite materials. DEAR NATALI, How fast is the market for domestic aluminium growing? It’s true that the initial cost of aluminium windows and doors will set you back a little more than the uPVC alternatives - but TWR is seeing strong demand for aluminium windows and doors from consumers. Aluminium is no longer just for commercial projects. Figures from Palmer Market Research highlight the huge increase in the number of people turning to aluminium for their home improvement projects. The group forecasts sustained growth for aluminium, which is expected to top 220,000 frames by the end of 2020. The increasing popularity of aluminium is well justified. Firstly, aluminium is an incredibly strong element, especially when compared to uPVC which allows the creation of curtain walls in commercial projects where a thin frame of aluminium can support a large pane of glass. Equally, however, aluminium can be a huge asset to windows and doors in smaller-scale domestic projects. If chosen, aluminium bi-fold doors offer slimmer sight lines and a much better aspect, while aluminium-framed windows offer extra protection against break-ins due to the material’s strength. DO YOU? > Firas Approved > Various fire ratings available > Supply only or supply and fit > CE Compliant > Fire doors, screens & partitions TRUST THE EXPERTS Unlike uPVC, aluminium is also an extremely stable framing material. The expansions and contractions seen in uPVC frames are much greater than in their aluminium equivalents, so aluminium not only makes for a very sturdy frame that is resistant to break-ins – but also means that windows or doors made with it are unlikely to become stiff or difficult to open over time. Aluminium windows also require much less maintenance than uPVC or timber windows, mostly due to the element’s strength and natural resistance to corrosion. Additionally, this means that aluminium frames can boast a working lifespan of up to 30 years, whereas uPVC windows are generally expected to last closer to 20 years. Finally, with their sleek finish and the variety of colours now available, aluminium bi-folding doors, windows or conservatories are also a worthwhile investment in one’s home, boosting the value significantly. WE SUP PLY Fire : Ra ted Aco G u Lam stic G lass lass i n a Tou ted g G Her hened lass itag G las Inte e gra Units s l B lind 01 s ww 21 5 2 1 reg lass 218 uk. 0 com SPECIALISTS IN FIRE RATED GLASS AND GLAZING NATIONWIDE BRANCHES UK 0121 521 2180 SOUTH 01206 222 090 NORTH EAST 0161 728 8080 01773 712 920 SCOTLAND INSTALLATION 0131 526 4141 0121 521 2180 C L E A RV I E W-U K . C O M » N OV 2017 » 11