Clearview National November 2015 - Issue 168 - Page 6

INDUSTRYNEWS Increase in demand is supported by leading machinery provider »»Kombimatec Machines Ltd continue to prove themselves the best provider of machinery for fabricating PVCu and aluminium windows thanks to the recent high demand for its 1HD/02 Variable Angle Cill and Twin Reverse Butt Welder. Perfect for all types of welds, the 1HD/02 comes complete with a double force table cylinder and knife weld bead restriction (0.1-0.2mm) with maximum profile height set at 140mm. The added bonus of the extra power provided is the hugely increased finish quality of the bevel or decorative edge because you can employ support blocks with knives to bite this area as well. This is important when joining a ‘Z’ to a ‘T’ transom to create a ‘T’ joint because otherwise the weld sprue in this area will prove difficult to successfully clean off by hand. Other important features of Kombimatec’s 1HD/02 include the weld restrictor knives which are set to near-biting point for easi W