Clearview National November 2015 - Issue 168 - Page 49 sponsoring doors&windows Installers should Embrace the Savvy Consumer Find out more about the Roto TSL Visit the Roto Webshop »»Ferry van Wezel, Marketing Manager, Roto Frank talks to Pro Installer about how installers should embrace the fact that consumers are more savvy when it comes to buying windows and how they should turn this into an opportunity to use the best products on the market. We have been fitting side hung casement windows in Britain since the 17th century, initially manufactured out of wooden frames covered in linseed oil soaked linen to allow for light into the home during the day. But, during the night additional security was always needed and outside wooden shutters were used for protection. By the second half of the 17th century, even some of the homes by people on a modest income started to use glass in the wooden constructed frames to offer better security and weather protection, this is where it all started, the birth of windows as we know them today! Windows have always been the main point of entry for intruders and increasing protection and security is a key factor when developing products for use on a window. To help support and bring to attention the risks of not fitting the correct hardware the industry has some of the UK’s most highly recognised governing bodies, to ensure correct delivery of the highest levels of security testing for consumers. Alongside this, consumers are more proactively involved with the features of the products they want installed in to their homes, and are able to use the internet to research the type of window they wish to fit into their properties, looking at key features such as; aesthetics, thermal efficiency, cost and security. At Roto Frank, we see this as a major benefit for fabricators and installers using the best products on the market. Reputable, high-quality window products are inevitably the types of searches a potential customers will look to research and those with a high presence and recognition through connections with trade associations, standards and testing, quality management and reviews bodies have a stronger chance of being viewed. Products such as Roto’s TSL window locking system, which has received a great level of exposure over recent years for its high quality performance and uniqueness within the market, lends itself to be a key contender for a product which is specified by the homeowner. Roto Frank and its UK distributors have made gigantic efforts over recent years to profile its core, high performing product ranges to the end-user and has associated itself to some of the industries more renown trade and consumer associations such as Secured by Design and British Standards. Roto Frank’s quest to continue to profile its products high up on the consumers agenda when considering new windows has lead the company to develop the Roto TSL window lock further and encompass even more reasons to fit. The New Roto TSL window locking system has been wholly designed at the company’s German site Leinfeldenand offers the enduser all of the elements they would expect from a high performance window locking system. The New Roto TSL provides even more security, after further redesign of its mushroom cams. In comparison to the previous version, the new cam is rounder and uses more material in the corners, resulting in a higher pull-out force. The lock still has distinctive outward opening eccentric cams, which not only provide a smoother operation into the double entry striker, but gives a greater resistance towards attempted break-in. Atheistically pleasing, the lock has been finished using the company’s very own RotoSil Nano – an even, matt sliver scratch resistant finish which offers optimum corrosion protection with unique self-healing on minor scratches and over 480 hours of salt spray testing, better than any other hardware surface finish in the market. Roto Frank understand the need for fabricators and installers to offer customers choice to fit all types of areas, that is why it has an application range for sash rebates up to 305mm wide by 1600mm high, two cam heights of 8 and 9.5mm shortly followed by a 10mm and two backsets of 20mm and 22mm. Every time the handle on a window fitted with the Roto TSL is operated, the systems uniquely designed gearbox drives each pair of the newly designed mushroom cams securely into the window keeps, ensuring the window performs to the demands of PAS 24:2012. With the ultimate testing applied to the Roto TSL – referring to systematic and stringent quality control, Roto Frank provide a 10 year functional warranty guarantee on the product. Making it even easier for customers to view Roto Frank’s products is the use of its online webshop – an online shopping portal which provides user the opportunity to order individual or multiple products direct from Roto Frank. Customers can find our more by visiting For more information regarding Roto TSL visit C L E A RV I E W-U K . C O M » N OV 2015 » 49