Clearview National November 2015 - Issue 168 - Page 4

FROMTHEEDITOR A Sure Bet Stephanie, Clearview Editor After hitting last year’s annual target, directors of the Clearview Group treated its entire staff to a day out at the races. Last month saw the introduction of new updates to the existing building regulations and the level of security required on window and doors when being fitted to new builds. Document Q has created quite a stir in the industry leading up to its introduction and I feel will continue to over forthcoming months. »»Several things are certain regarding the introduction of new regulations; producers have to step up to the mark (if they haven’t already done so), and prepare their products to ensure they meet the standards set out by regulations; this involves potential product developed, testing, production and promotion – fuelling the economic injection for the industry and associated contractors. Fabricators and installers of new build projects will have to ensure that the components they purchase to manufacture and fit, meet the level of testing required and provide the homeowner with a more superior product to that which has been currently on offer, giving the homeowner more confidence in the industry as inferior products are driven out. An opinion which may well be an all round win-win scenario for everyone concerned – isn’t it? Why not email me and let me know your thoughts on the subject. And lastly, I’d like to send out big congratulations to the G15 nominees, especially to those who have been chosen for more than one category. Good luck to you all and the organisers of the G15 Awards, being held on Friday 27th November at the London Hilton on Park Lane. Have a great month 4 » N OV 2015 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M »»The Clearview Group attended Pontefract Racecourse, West Yorkshire on Thursday 24th September a crisp, but sunny day, where all members of staff were greeted by drinks and the choice of traditional or gourmet meal. Steve Sidebottom, join @