Clearview National November 2015 - Issue 168 - Page 29

Eurocell windows and doors now available from Astraseal! Astraseal are delighted to announce we can now offer windows and doors made with the Eurocell Eurologik 70mm profile, sash windows made with the Eurocell Charisma profile, and skylights using the Skypod system. We’re offering a special introductory price on all Eurocell orders, so make sure you contact us today for a quote. Contact us to take advantage of our special Eurocell launch offer: COMING SOON t: 01933 227233 f: 01933 274852 e: “Eurocell is a key addition to our range and we look forward t o bringing our market leading quality and service to Eurocell installers.” Zac Nedimovic Sales and marketing manager. Astraseal Head Office Astraseal House Paterson Road Finedon Road Ind. Est. Wellingborough NN8 4EX Tel: 01933 270552 Fax: 01933 274852 Visit the new Astraseal website