Clearview National May 2018 - Issue 198 - Page 92

MOVERS&SHAKERS SYNSEAL APPOINT MATTHEW MYCOCK AS PERMANENT CEO » » SYNSEAL GROUP HAS ANNOUNCED the appointment of Matthew Mycock as their new CEO in a permanent capacity, effective immediately. Matthew has a wealth of Board experience, including as Managing Director for Plumbing Trade Supplies, a business unit at Travis Perkins, Managing Director at Autoglass (Belron UK Ltd), and Managing Director at Frontline Group, the UK’s largest magazine distributor. Matthew’s early career was spent in fast moving consumer goods, including spells at Levi Strauss, Diageo and Mars Confectionery. Synseal Group Chairman, Adrian Fawcett, said: “Matthew is well placed to lead the Group through its next exciting chapter of cultural and business change, supporting new routes to market, and re-energising growth in sales across all product categories with new business partners.” Matthew will replace Deborah Kemp who has been Interim CEO at Synseal Group since September. Adrian added: “I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Matthew to the Group and thank Deborah for her leadership and support over her short but significant tenure.” Commenting on his appointment, Matthew said: “I am delighted to be joining Synseal Group at such an exciting time for the business.” 92 » M AY 2018 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M » » WITH OVER 15 YEARS be departing. The GGF Group is a fantastic organisation and I wish it the very best for the future.” John Agnew, GGF President commented: “Under the leadership of Phil Pluck the entire GGF Group has undergone a period of transformational change with a clear strategic plan now in place.” industry experience, including most recently as FV666W2vW"f 7FW&fW7FW"VG&'W22t vFr77FV22'W6W72FWfVV@vW"t"v2W&66VB'&g&7@7B7VW"B2'Bbt"Fw2FRf7FW7Bw&vrvFrw&WFPTvFVGW&fW"b#"֖Ɩ( Ğ( '6WFVǒF&VBF&RrFP6W2FVBt"B&VǒW6FrFPf"FR'W6W72( VW2( Ğ( fW'V6rf'v&BFGFrFR&BW6rג62F'VB'FW'62vF7FW'27&72FR6VG'BvƖv@FR&VVfG2t"BFRvFW"w&W6ffW"FFV"'W6W76W2( Ю( v^( &RFVƖvFVBFvV6RVFFRt"FV( FG2&g&7BvpF&V7F"bt"vFr77FV2( Ć266WBBvVFvRv&fP7&VF&ǒfV&R2vR7F'BFRW@6RbW"w&wF7G&FVw( Х66RFR7V6FbƗ7FW'2FP7VW"t"2FFVBFR&W7FvW0&W6FV6R6V7FvVBV֖VЦ&fG2B6ƖFrF'22vV066FRF'2FFV"&GV7B&vRVƗG&fVVG266VFR&FVBvFw227FF&Bwwrvvb&rVwwrv"6V4TTdU0ttb5E$p4D+ +T4u$U4T`WV7WFfRbFRv72BvrfVFW&Fࢄttb7FWVBFv24T'F&2fW'6VV7V'7FF6vP&w&RBFRttb'&vrFvWFW FR6W&66W2bttbBG0V&W'66FRfr'&VvBWp6V"vVVBFV2'Bb6WFP&R7G'V7GW&R&w&R77VVBFPfvr7FFVVC( ttbw&W2rFR&W7B6R@2&VVf"V'2B2FVǒ6FVBFw&rG2fVV6RBfVRFG2V&W'0B7W7FW'2WrvVVBFV06RB2FR62B6֗FV@F&VƗ6RFRFVFbFRttbw&Wf FR&VVfBbG27W7FW'2V&W'2BFPGW7G'V6Vǒ6BF&RVfp7V6w&VB&v6FBG2VR'W@f"W'6&V62F22FR&vBFRFF6W2FVЧ7G&VwFVV@vFWpFV