Clearview National May 2018 - Issue 198 - Page 88

MACHINERY Unmatched manufacturing support » » BUYING A MACHINE ISN’T something to take lightly. It’s a major investment – even the most basic products are going to set you back thousands of pounds. And that means you need something that’s going to reliably and efficiently do whatever it is you need it do for years, if not decades. But at the same time, the product itself isn’t the only thing you need to carefully consider. Who you buy it from – and what else they’re able to offer you beyond simply selling you a machine – is arguably just as important as picking the product itself. At elumatec, we have one of the widest and most respect product ranges in the world – and back it up with industry-leading software and technical support. In practice, that means several things. First, it means we’re almost guaranteed to be able to offer you a product that’s exactly right for your needs. A manufacturer with a smaller machinery portfolio – or one where the sales team doesn’t have the same encyclopaedic product knowledge we all pride ourselves on at elumatec – may not be able to offer the same level of service. As such, they may steer you towards buying the machine they know the most about, rather than the one that would genuinely be best suited for your needs. Then there’s the question of maintenance. Driven hard, and working almost constantly, sometimes for days at a time, it’s inevitable that they begin to slow down, become less effective, and occasionally breakdown entirely. Many manufacturers offer maintenance packages. But at elumatec, we’re confident that we employ some of the most knowledgeable and experienced repairs specialists in our industry. 88 » M AY 2018 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M Phil Heavey We’ve got seven engineers (some with up to thirty years’ experience) on the road five days a week; travelling the country to offer advice, fix issues and get customers’ manufacturing operations back up and running. It’s the same story when it comes to parts. If you need a replacement, companies can give you waiting times of six weeks or more. At elumatec, on the other hand, we’ve got most parts in stock, with many available for next day delivery. Furthermore, the level of software and technical support we can offer is worlds apart from what many other firms can provide. At elumatec, we have an entire in-house software development department; able to offer cutting-edge software solutions that let its clients take their businesses to the next level. eluCad, which drastically simplifies the programming of profile machining centres, is one of our most popular offerings. Once, programming a machine was a laborious affair, and required in-depth coding knowledge. With eluCad, it’s easy; users just enter the key data, and the software does the rest. Alternatively, operators can input free-form drawings, which the machine will then follow. The software also features collision-control. If it calculates that machine parts or clamping elements are in the movement path of the machine, it will stop production, preventing expensive machine crashes and downtimes. More recently, elumatec released eluCloud – our best-in-class data capturing and analysis package. Designed to give factory managers a clear oversight of the manufacturing process, eluCloud offers live updates of production status and real-time efficiency calculations, letting users quickly identify errors and unexpected dips in productivity. eluCloud combines three different modules in a single app, accessible worldwide via smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC. The eluCloud monitor gives users a clear overview of all their machine and production data. It lets them track quantities of parts produced, production duration, downtimes, and the service life of any tools used. The eluCloud server is where the data is stored, and available 24/7 to be analysed and used online via any web-enabled device. By storing the information of elusoft’s own server, the burden on the customer’s own IT resources is significantly reduced. And eluCloud analytics helps users break down the collected data into useful information they can act on. It makes a detailed analysis of productivity, both in terms of individual machines and a fabricator’s machine pool as a whole, helping customers optimise their production times. Altogether, it’s a level of support that no manufacturer can match, and proof that when it comes to purchasing machinery, there’s no better choice than buying from elumatec. For more information call 01908 580 800 or visit