Clearview National May 2018 - Issue 198 - Page 87

INSTALLERSUPPORT New website designed to increase lead generation for its customers » » PATIOMASTER, THE nation’s favourite patio door brand, has just launched a new website. The new site has a fresh, high quality, personable style that reflects PatioMaster’s brand personality. It has been designed to be easy to navigate, including the use of clearly defined calls to action at the end of each page that direct visitors to more information that may aid their decision-making process. A Door Builder platform allows homeowners to design their own door, a feature that will help them become much more engaged when on the site. A regular programme of content marketing, including case studies and blogs, will ensure traffic will be consistently driven to the site to boost visitor numbers and lead generation opportunities. PatioMaster dealerships have been highlighted throughout the site to emphasise one of the brand’s USPs of the reassurance of a trusted major brand that still allows homeowners to support their local economy. One of the biggest features of the new site is the Technical Hub. It’s a dedicated area for trade customers that contains valuable technical and marketing support. Move over Alexa – meet NORA » » NORA IS THE BRAND new online ordering system from Mila which makes it even easier for customers to place their hardware orders direct. Customers can now choose to receive a personalised NORA order form from their Mila sales contact which is pre-populated with all the products they order most often. All they must do is fill in the quantities they need of each of those products and send the form back to: nora@ There’s no need for customers to check product specs or enter part numbers – NORA takes care of everything. They even get a confirmation email from NORA confirming exactly what they have ordered. What makes NORA particularly clever is that the system always contains customers’ most recent product and price lists, so that every time a new NORA order form is generated, it is guaranteed to be completely up to date. Mila thinks that NORA is a great addition to its sales department, but customers can be reassured that it won’t be replacing the internal sales team any time soon. NORA stands for Navision Online Response Automation and it links directly with the new Navision automated ERP solution at Mila. RESIDENCE COLLECTION GETS A DEDICATED TRADE WEBSITE » » THE RESIDENCE COLLECTION HAS just unveiled a dedicated new website for the trade at that’s been designed as a complete resource hub for the three in one system, which boasts shared profiles, beads and single length ordering. R2, R7 and R9 all benefit from a dedicated landing platform on the new site showcasing design philosophies, performance, a clever interactive glazing bead designer, along with a wide range of hardware and ancillaries, including the deep, period-inspired Radlington Cill. There is also a colour selector that presents all of the unique and inspiring colour and woodgrain options that are available across The Residence Collection. As you would expect from a truly unrivalled premium systems house, there are a wide range of marketing materials available for download or that can be ordered as part of a pack including brochures, case studies, wallcharts, door drops and a planning and conservation guide for R9. In addition, there is also a dedicated page on colour which includes dedicated colour guides by system, including wallcharts and visitors to the website can also request free sample swatches by system. C L E A RV I E W-U K . C O M » M AY