Clearview National May 2018 - Issue 198 - Page 82

HARDWARE& SECURITY Homeowner turns to Lock Lock reassurance » » WHEN HOMEOWNER TIM Morgan realised that multiple houses on his estate were being primed by unwanted intruders, he turned to Lock Lock to secure his home and more importantly, his young family. There is little to add to his comment on Facebook: ‘What an amazing product. Decided to install these after multiple houses on our estate were being tried for entrance. Last night a neighbour had to chase a burglar out of his house too. Delivery was very fast (next day) and they were easy to install (about 10mins each) and only needed a screw driver. Feel extremely safe now they are in place. Can sleep at night again without worry.’ An increasing number of door manufacturers are looking towards Lock Lock, not only for its unrivalled security credentials, but also for the fact that it has now reached 6,000 hours in a salt spray chamber against the industry 240/480 standard. Leading locksmiths are also carrying Lock Lock as the ultimate security upgrade. HIGHLIGHTING THE IMPORTANCE OF SECURITY » » SPECTUS TRADE FABRICATOR, Universal Trade Frames has been highlighting the importance of security for some time. Brian Kruger, Universal Trade Frames’ Managing Director, says: “Our customers know that security is a huge factor for contractors and homeowners and we are proud to have a range of products that have achieved Secured by Design accreditation.” Universal Trade Frames has Secured by Design accreditation on its casement windows manufactured from both Spectus Elite 70 bevelled and Elite 70 ovolo systems. It also has the accreditation on Spectus Flush 70 PVC-U casement window, Eite 70 tilt and turn bevelled window, Elite 70 tilt and turn ovolo window, Spectus Elite 70 residential single door bevelled, Elite 70 residential single door ovolo, Elite 70 residential double door bevelled and Elite 70 residential double door ovolo. ‘security is a huge factor’ Secured by Design is now widely recognising by professional audiences and increasingly by consumers, as a valuable mark of police preferred specification. All its products are manufactured at its Shropshire headquarters to ensure quality and reliability – and, as the security features on its products demonstrate, these are backed up with accreditations that provide the peace of mind that installers value and homeowners want. Window Hardware Achieves BBA Certification » » YALE DOOR AND WINDOW Solutions has extended its offering of BBA certified window products. The Yale Shootbolt and Yale Encloser window locks, along with the Yale Revolution window hinge have passed the BBA certification - a symbol of product quality. Grant Stratford, Technical Director for Yale Door and Window Solutions, comments: “We are proud to be able to offer our customers a range of steadfast high-security window hardware solutions that are backed by the BBA certification. “We are thrilled to have obtained the certification for the Yale Shootbolt, Yale 82 » M AY 2018 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M Encloser and Yale Revolution Window Hinge as well. These products go alongside the Defender and Defender Egress hinges, Yale Hinge and Virage Handle, for which we already hold the certification.” The BBA certification is an industry recognised symbol of product quality and is distinctive in that all certified products are not only subject to a QA assessment, but also have to pass a full product and manufacturing process audit every year. This testing includes laboratory-based testing, online evaluation, product inspections, life expectancy assessment, quality management review and training review, which all need to be passed to a high standard.