Clearview National May 2018 - Issue 198 - Page 78

HARDWARE& SECURITY BUTCHERED, ATTACKED AND PAS 24 SECURE When Kestrel Aluminium Systems took Lock Lock to an official, independent test house for the PAS 24 assessment of a door, the handle withstood some of the most rigorous abuse ever seen on a test video for a product of this type and can be seen at » » LOCK LOCK IS NOT ONLY being increasingly adopted by the locksmith sector, but also by aluminium systems houses such as Kestrel, their respective fabricators and also by the entrance door sector as a whole. It’s based on a registered edgeless design that’s not only beautiful in appearance but is purposeful in application, as the handle body cannot be grabbed by tools for forceful removal. The video shows a sustained attack for over a minute in a test house environment with a full set of available tools and once the handle is finally removed, Lock Lock’s unique patented spindle stops the would-be burglar thanks to several clever design details. In relation to this PAS 24 test, Lock Lock is also the only security door handle that carries the Sold Secure certification from the Master Locksmiths Association. Smart door lock selling opportunities strengthened » » YALE HAS DEVELOPED its smart door locking range and marketing support to help fabricators and installers get to grips with the new technology and provide a superior product offering for end-users. In October of last year, Yale released its TV advert for the Conexis® L1 to raise awareness and promote the lifestyle benefits of Smart Door Locks to homeowners. What’s more, in 2017 the Smart Living suite opened its doors, providing a space for Yale’s customers to familiarise themselves with the smart products first hand, as well as ask any questions. As the popularity of smart door locks increases, Yale has also extended its range to offer a variety of new finishes. The Conexis® L1, which launched last year, as well as the popular Keyless Smart Door Lock have both been updated to include brand new colour options. The new colours give homeowners more choice to select a finish that suits their style of door. The satin nickel and polished brass finishes have been designed to suit both traditional properties and modern homes alike. AN END TO PITTING HARDWARE CALLBACKS » » ASK MANY INSTALLERS ABOUT THE biggest frustrations in their business and the answer you’ll get back is about callbacks to replace pitted or failing hardware. But talk to any installer who uses Trojan’s Stainless-Steel hardware and they’ll tell you that callbacks are a thing of the past. Zinc or aluminium-based plated or painted products will corrode sooner or later as a result of salt or acid erosion attack especially if the surface coating is damaged. It’s a problem that has big cost implications for installers. Every callback takes time away from new installations that generate revenue for a business. Plus, if hardware 78 » M AY 2018 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M starts to fail, it doesn’t matter how happy a customer was when the installation was first completed or how well the complaint about the failure is handled, the customer’s opinion of the installer is likely to be negatively affected. Trojan’s market leading 25-year surface finish guarantee protects installers against both these issues. So, if you would like to protect your business’s bottom line and preserve your well-earned reputation, Trojan’s Stainless-Steel range has the answer.