Clearview National May 2018 - Issue 198 - Page 72

CONSERVATORIES&SOLIDROOFS Customer-focused: the system that works The saying ‘it does exactly what it says on the tin’ could hardly be more appropriate than for the Somerset company Warmer Roof. Around since 2012, the roofing system – formerly known as Sentinel – has been so-called since 2017. And, with the lowest U value of any system at 0.14Wm 2 , Warmer Roof could not be better named as thousands of ‘tried and tested’ roof replacements further testify. » » MD KARL MUSPRATT, DISCUSSES the revolutionary roof replacement, the challenges the company has faced, plus how staying customer-focused throughout has led the business to live up to its ‘warmest roof at the hottest prices’ philosophy… “I pride myself on a ‘hands on approach’ to my business and am available to speak to my customers as and when required. Even though I have been involved in the glazing industry for the past 25 years with various sales to directorships roles, the passion I feel for Warmer Roof stems for a genuine opportunity to change the way people can live. “As many conservatories have been fitted in previous years, there became an obvious need for roofing systems to be updated as these conservatories became older. This particular product was borne out of the fact that aluminium can become a cold bridge in certain circumstances which can lead to condensation, unlike timber. There is also no need to worry about inevitable aluminium price increases. “The Gluelam ring beam we use is more environmentally friendly than aluminium with the added weight saving benefit that Glulam has approximately 1.5 to 2 times the strength to weight ratio of steel, while the pod system was developed to aid the speed of installation. With the pod system the required insulation is already fitted within, and the pod is just lowered into position between the rafters and eaves beam, and then secured with fixings supplied in the roof kit. Likewise, with no internal cross battening required, the time it would usually take to cut insulation is removed from the equation, with all insulated plaster board 7WƖVBvFFR&v&6R( &vǒFW&Rv2w&VBFV&FRvV6vr&fr77FV2g&v72 s" +# +4T%dRrT2Чǖ6&&FRFƖvGvVvBv&&b2FvWFW"'VFr&VwVF2vW&R&WV&V@'WBr&W76&R6W2vvF&Vv'VFr&VwVF2BW"66RFW&R2FRFFW6R77FV&f6W'Ff6FRV&W"C#b( vR&R&&&ǒW"&bfW'6BFRVBf"W27W7FW'2&R@( W7BV&W.( vRƗ7FVVBFFV"fVVF&6B7VvvW7F2FRvW&RWfVFV@BFVFFVBFFR77FVbvRFVv@FWvVB&Rb&VVfB7BbFR6vW0FRvW&RFV6RFRfGFr&6W72F6fPFRBFW&Vf&RfW&67Bv&W &b6&FW2G6Vb7WǖrFP6VG2VVFVBf""f"R&6RvR&R7W&RFBF2&62VVBFP'W6W72Fw&rV"זV"2FRV&Ɩ20&V6R&Rv&RFBFW&Rv2BǒFW&FfRFv72"ǖ6&&FR&fp77FV2'WBFB7W7FW"f7W6VB&6P666W26v2BFRVbFPW&F( 6fW'6Vǒ6֖rF6V7F"vW&P6WfW&bFR&vR66W'fF'&b77FV0vW&R&VGW7F&Ɨ6VBBBf&ЦfFrFR&WB6R6VB6VvPFǓ6F6Rg&7FFr7F'BFvWBFvW&RvR&RFF0&VVVFR&V&&R( Ė6VFVBW"7W'&V@FVbB2FƗ6VFW'F6W2vW"FƗ2vVֶvfwW&RFRGW7G'B0v&VBf"6RbFR&vW7B66W'fF'&b77FV7WƖW'227V6FƗv0v&RbFR7W'&VBƖvGvVvB&`77FV2f&RFR&WB'WB66Pv&W"&b2RfVBFBFR77FV@&RFffW"FFW"77FV27W'&VFǐf&RFRvW7BRfVRb77FVЦbEv"VWBB6ffBWw&FRV6W"7FFFW2BFR&6R@bFR77FVFvWFW"vFWrfF0F&RFFVBFFR77FVVBFFƗ( 0FV66Fv&W"&b( W"&GV7FF&V7F"v'6&&WGB0RbFR7BWW&V6VB&bf'&6F'2FRGW7G'B6767B6Ɩ6FVB vv&BFW6v2ffW&r6WF7@66W2FVvFR&Gbv'( 2FR07VB6f"Vf&VBv'267W7FW"f7W6VBBvFrF767BWr W7Fr&V7G2( ХvWFW"R&RWrFƖvGvVvB&`6fW'6"&RW&rFR76&ƗG`6vr7WƖW'2v&W"&bvVBƖRFV"g&R&R67BVffV7FfRV6W fGFrBv&W"&b2vFrf"R6F( @FV6F7Fr&BFRFVwwrv&W'&b6