Clearview National May 2018 - Issue 198 - Page 5

PROUD SPONSOR OF INDUSTRY NEWS INDUSTRYNEWS JADE WINDOWS TREBLES ITS MANUFACTURING CAPACITY » » LONGSTANDING SPECTUS fabricator Jade Windows has just moved into new premises in Batley, West Yorkshire. The new unit is 14,000sqft , over three times larger than its previous premises. The new premises will enable Jade to provide customers with quicker lead times on white frames and also on coloured frames because the company will be able to hold a wide range of Spectus foiled colours in stock. The company has been a Spectus fabricator for nearly 20 years and manufactures the Elite 70 system, the Flush Sash Window and the Fully Reversible Window, a range of products that works well with its homeowner, commercial and trade customer base. When it comes to service, Jade delivers exceptional standards. There are dedicated project managers who liaise with customers from start to finish as well as an aftercare team to provide advice and service. A trebling of manufacturing premises is a significant achievement for any business, particularly one in such a competitive industry as ours is. The fact that Jade Windows has achieved it is a demonstration of the importance of getting the basics in place: the right products, the right service and the right attitude. FIRST SPEAKERS ANNOUNCED FOR GLAZING SUMMIT » » THE FIRST LINE-UP OF SPEAKERS has been announced for the Glazing Summit, the major industry conference organised by Purplex Marketing and Insight Data. A line-up of industry speakers and panellists include David Leng, CEO of Customade Group, Sean Parnaby of West Port Windows – part of VKR, Europe’s largest window manufacturer - Samantha Nuckey, MD of leading hardware supplier Window Ware, and Business Micro’s MD Graeme Bailey. Other panellists include Russell Yates, MD of AluK, Chris Alderson, MD of Edgetech, GQA Chairman Mike Morris, Jade Greenhow from Insight Data and Paul Atkinson, Director of Yale hardware. Another panellist, Andy Jones - Group Sales & Marketing Director at Synseal - commented; “The industry is evolving fast and it’s important to keep your finger on the pulse. This is a must-attend event for senior management involved in the fenestration industry.” Warning signs for construction as output drops Snowy weather, rising costs and չх)ɕѥѼ ɕЁɔ)Ѽȁѡ͡)ɽՍѥ)аѡɅѥ)5ѕȁ ե̀5)́ͅɕ͔Ѽ)ѡѕЁA5$ф+ Q!5I A5$Q)ɕٕɽĸЁՅѼ(ܸ5ɍЁѡɅɕ)5ɍéɔ݅́ݕ)ѡѡٕɅȸܸ́) ѥѡɕձ̰ ɥ ) ᕍѥٔѡ5ͅ胊qQ)ѕЁA5$ф́͡ѡѕЁɽ)Սѥѥ٥ͥ)ձظ)QչՅ䁍͹ݕѡ)ɥɽ́ѡU,ЁѠ)́ѱѼȁѡ͕́еQ)͹ѕɽɅ䁽)Սѥɽ̰Ց͔)եѥɕɉ͡Ё)ɝ٥ɥɽ̸5͵)ե́ɽ́ѡչݕɔɍѼ)͔ͥѕ́ȁɔѡݕͽ)́ɕѕѡЁЁ݅́ѽѼ)䁉ɥ̻t+aѕЁɽ)Սѥѥ٥)ͥ)ձۊd)MٕɅɕɕ́ݡٔեа)եɕȁͽɽѠݥ)́ݥͼՑ)!呕I͡ѽ5ɕѽȁ) ɥх]͕́ɥٕѽȰݡ)́եɕɥݥ܁)Ց1չL ɽݸ)Q饹MյЁх́ɹ)5䁹ȁ ɵ 䁍ѥՕ胊qͥѡ͹ܰѡ)Ёͥ́́ɥͥȁѡU/e)Սѥɵ̸]́ͅɥ́ɔ)ɽѥ͔ѡٕȁݽ͕)ͭ́͡х́Սѥt)ܹ饹յйլܹɜլ) 0IX$\T, <4 4d